Diabetes Destroyer Review

If by any chance you have come across or heard about David Andrews’s Diabetes destroyer program and not rather sure whether its worth your time and money the following is a comprehensive review of the product.

In the US more than half of the population is overweight. This has been the major reason why type 2 diabetes has turned into an epidemic in the country. In the program Diabetes Destroyer, David claims that his program has the ability to cure diabetes without using any meds, engaging in exhaustive exercises or even eating strange meals. But, the greatest question is, does the program deliver as advertised.

About David Andrews

David is the main author of the E-book Diabetes Destroyer. He is 51 years old and resides in Washington DC. As his livelihood, he works in a 5 stars motel still around Washington DC.

As you probably had guessed, he had been diagnosed with type 2-diabetes a condition that he has lived with for more than 10 years. In one month alone he would spend more than $2000 on insulin and diabetes meds such as Actos, Amaryl, and Metformin. In one of the days, his condition got worse and entered into a state of diabetes coma where he fainted and had to be taken to the nearest health center. Astonishing enough his blood sugar levels had hit 1,174 and the practitioners insisted that his legs had to be amputated if he was to survive another year.

This fact was very disturbing not only to David but his family as well. Amputation means that he would have to be dependent for the remaining part of his life. Just before the surgery was done, his wife managed to talk the doctors out of the surgery. According to them, the surgery had to be done within 90 days so why the rush?

This was followed by yet another good omen, one of David’s Facebook friends happened to share a research done by Dr. Taylor from Newcastle University. The research was on diabetes and claimed to have found a way to eliminate diabetes from the body. Out of desperation he read the research and trust me you, not this formed the basis of Diabetes Destroyer.

In the research, Dr. Taylor found enough evidence to support the fact that after diabetes patients went through gastric bypass surgery their blood glucose levels somewhat stabilized. Surprising, right!? In a real sense, this surgery has nothing on common to blood glucose levels.

For those who have no background in medicine what this means is that the surgery removes fats deposited around the pancreas and in the process help in regulating levels of insulin. The reason for these fatty deposits is due to an unhealthy diet.

Well, an alternative way to remove the fatty deposits is through eating healthy. That is the right portions of fats, sugars, vitamins, and carbs. In his research, Dr. Taylor used people suffering from type 2-diabetes as test subjects.

In the research, it was found that every single person who stuck to Dr. Taylors meal plan eventually reversed his/her diabetes. They got totally cured that they didn’t even need the meds. This research gave David hope.

Diabetes Destroyer

The diabetes destroyer program works on three principles. They are all natural approaches which eventually cure diabetes. Least assured that you won’t be asked to take meds, awkward foods or have to purchase expensive gadgets.

The following are the three steps:

  • Temporary changer of diet
  • Increase body metabolism
  • Eat the right time

The other remaining four modules of this program are:

  • Secrets that doctors and practitioners won’t tell you about diabetes and being prediabetic!.
  • Give your insulin a jumpstart through a change of diet.
  • Natural ways to boost your body metabolism
  • How to time your meals so as to reverse diabetes

The topics discussed contain the following details

  • What causes diabetes and is there a way to fix the condition?
  • How taking prescribed meds is making your condition worse rather than rectifying it.
  • The two main things responsible for the unstable blood sugar levels and recommended ways to prevent it.
  • The right kind of meal plan to correct the condition on your pancreas as a temporary short-term solution!
  • Comprehensive step by step guide on the right meal plan that will reverse the effects of type 2-diabetes!
  • The three berries that you can take so as to boost the body’s metabolism.
  • By just using 30 seconds on workout how you can boost the body’s metabolism for the entire day.
  • You will also be taught ways or regulating your blood glucose levels without necessarily using any meds or insulin injections.
  • How you should time your meals to ensure that you maintain stable blood sugar levels.
  • The period you should wait before eating a meal and what kind of foods you should not eat at night just before going to sleep.
  • Healthy snacks that help fight diabetes
  • The key things that should never miss your breakfast!

As you have seen the program is detail oriented and will be useful to just anyone. That not all, there is more to the system than the few points I have highlighted. You will only have a chance to see this once you purchase a copy of the E-book.

Notable things about Diabetes destroyer

In terms of popularity, Diabetes Destroyer is very popular with a score of more than 300. Among other natural treatments, this program is ranked among the best in the marketplace.

The format of the file

Once your payment is processed with you get instant access to the E-book that is in PDF format. You are required to download it either on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Smartphone or tablet.

  • Cost of the product: it costs $37 which is usually paid once.
  • Shipping cost: everything is done online and downloaded online so there is no shipping cost
  • Can you get it in hard copy? The answer is no.
  • Can you get it on Amazon? No
  • Any discount of coupons: yes
  • Refund: guarantees a complete refund within 60days
  • Secure payment? Yes. All refunds and payments are handled by Clickbank. It is encrypted and secure least assured that there will be no leakage of your account information.

Does it work?

Let me state this categorically, within just 4 weeks into the program nearly half of those who have implemented this program had managed to get their blood sugar levels to normal. In the next 4 weeks, the remaining half had their blood glucose levels to normal.

Well, that was the good news. There is something else that you have to know about this program. It doesn’t work like magic you have to be dedicated to the course.

Is it safe for everyone?

This program has been tested on people from every corner of the world, different ages, gender, and different backgrounds. It was found safe to use for by everyone.

What are you bound to gain from the program?

The following is a list of things that you are bound to get when you purchase Diabetes Destroyer program:

  • A PDF format booklet that is the main manual of the course
  • A video illustrating the various ways you can increase insulin sensitivity and how you can lose weight fast.
  • A recipe on 3 meals that are considered healthy for just any diabetic person
  • A workout guide that you can implement to boost your body metabolism lasting for 30 seconds
  • Healthy snacks healthy for a diabetic

Pros of Diabetes Destroyer

  • This program is based on a research done by Dr’ Taylor from the Newcastle University meaning that everything has been tested and approved.
  • Everything in the program is all natural
  • Unlike other programs where you have to wait for up to 6 months for results to show, with Diabetes Destroyer you are guaranteed of 100% results as soon as 4 weeks into the plan with the maximum being 8 weeks.
  • Guarantees a complete refund within 60 days

Cons of Diabetes Destroyer

It is not available in hard copy you can only download it online in PDF format.

It doesn’t work like magic you have to be dedicated to the course and for you to invest more of your time and energy to the program.

You have to check with your doctor before implementing certain steps so as to avoid any risk that might be associated with it.


This program by David Andrews is very easy to follow and works just as advertised. It is a step by step guide and all you have to do is implement it since everything is well laid out.

Since the method are inspired by scientific research everything in it has been tested and hence the quick response. The solution is usually long-term, unlike meds that only provide a temporary solution and make you a slave.

There are little to no side effects of implementing this program. The few are only digestion issues associated with a change of diet. by any chance, if you are unhappy with the results you can ask for a refund.

How Ella Freed Diabetes

EllaHello everyone, I am Ella. Recently, I was diagnosed with a deadly disease and they called it diabetes. It hit me as a shock since back in my mind I thought that it was only people who are overweight who can contract the disease. What sunk my heart was the fact that I had to live on prescribed diabetes meds for the rest of my life. That was not the kind of life I hoped for and being the optimistic person I’m, I never gave up in finding a solution. When I enquired what could have caused the disease the answer I got was that it could be hereditary. This didn’t make sense, no one in my family has ever been diagnosed with the disease.

My only hope was to embark on research. I first good news that I got was that this was a very common disease and millions of people are living with it worldwide. This fact hit me as a good omen in my quest for a long-lasting cure.

Let me state this categorically, the fact that I had no medical training background made it hard for me to understand some of the terms. I never gave up and it paid since with time I started to grasp a few things here and there.

The greatest breakthrough in my life was when I learned about IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor) which is a hormone produced by the liver and plays a major role in regulating blood sugar levels.

Surprising enough is that no medical practitioner will tell you about IGF. Its like they all took an oath on this. They will only prescribe meds that will not treat your condition but rather suppress some symptoms. Whenever you stop taking the meds your condition gets worse, this means that you are more of like a slave to the meds and can’t do without them. As if that’s not enough the meds also have severe side effects.

On the other hand, if you boost the production of IFG in the body this will not only get to the root of the problem but it also has no side effects. There were tonnes of testimonials on patients who managed to reverse diabetes through this method and the desperation I had made me give in to trying it.

In my usual checkup, my condition had improved drastically to an extent that it shocked my doctor. She told me she had never seen anything like it before and to be certain I should seek another opinion on the same.

The reason why this method is not famous despite its effectiveness is due to the fact that the medical industry in conjunction with the pharmaceutical companies, want you to believe that there is no cure for diabetes. The only hope you have is taking meds for the rest of your life. Failure to which your condition will get worse and the immediate possible impact is death. They want to make billions by ensuring that you don’t know anything about IGF.

A few months later I was able to cure my diabetes completely and it is my hope that if there is anyone out there in the same situation I was, you will not lose hope. If it worked for me then it works on you also. You just have to be dedicated to the program and exercise patience.

You boost your IGF by adopting a healthy diet, let no one mislead you. No one will ask you to take any drug or get an injection. The answer is in your diet and you can even get video demonstrations on the various things you should eat and how you should eat them. The best and the only way to beat diabetes is by doing it the natural way.

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7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Review

If the statistics by CDC about diabetes are anything to go by then we should be very worried. In the United States alone there are more than 29 million people living with diabetes. In the 29 million, 7 million of them are yet to be diagnosed with the diseases and even more disturbing yet another 57 million is pre-diabetic. It’s no wonder that diabetes ranks as the 7th leading death cause in the US. This epidemic costing the country more than $132 billion each and every year!

Yes, I called diabetes an epidemic. It’s that bad and not only in the US but also abroad. What makes this condition a mystery is due to the fact that little is much known about it both to the medics and patients!

Diabetes starts with no notable symptoms and it’s pain-free. If not detected early in advance the condition gets worse and the body gets weak each and every day. It gets life-threatening thereafter and even hard to manage.

In the early stages of diabetes there usually no symptoms this is the reason why we have millions of people who are pre-diabetic or get to be diagnosed with the disease. This might not always be the case since with time the symptoms start showing. The most unfortunate thing being that by the time the diagnosis is done the condition is usually at a life-threatening stage.

When diabetes reaches stage two and stage five, there are usually severe symptoms and consequences. Examples are permanent vision loss, heart disease, lower limb amputation or even liver dysfunction. Diabetes damage happens slow but severely and that’s why it becomes a major issue if not detected early.

Personally, I was diagnosed with this deadly disease just a few years ago. This hit me as a huge surprise but that was not the only thing that worried me, both my grandfather and uncle all died of diabetes. This made me focus my attention on understanding the disease more and find out a cure that is if there is one.

If by any chance what you seek is an in-depth analysis of the various ways in which you can reverse or cure diabetes then you come to the right place.

Let’s start off by a simple fact, when you have diabetes it’s nearly impossible to lead a normal life. This fact is true but did you know that you can actually increase your chances of reversing diabetes through a simple few steps.

I will walk you through the therapeutic process telling you what is right and what’s not right to do. In this article is the most beneficial 7 steps to health directly from someone who had a firsthand experience. I will also explain to you what it means to be diagnosed with diabetes and in particular type 2.

Today is the day when you learn whether the 7 steps to health are a scam or real. All the benefits and drawbacks shall be discussed here it is!

What you should do as soon as you get diagnosed with diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes either recently or long ago then you there is no shadow of a doubt you have a clue of how troublesome the aftermath is.

Irrespective of whether you only have impaired tolerance to glucose, have high blood glucose levels, have impaired fasting sugar levels or are simply pre-diabetic. There are a thousand reasons for you to get worried.

If you are healthy but simply have a family member who has been diagnosed by the same, don’t take anything lightly.

Just like cancer, after being diagnosed with diabetes virtually everything changes. The transformation is very stressing too many since most people find it hard to cope up with what is required of them. One slight mistake can be life-threatening.

As if that not enough, after being diagnosed with diabetes you are expected to take meds for the rest of your life. Most of these drugs have severe side effects such as lipohypertrophy and hypoglycemia. There are also incidences where the meds lose effectiveness meaning that you are going to require a stronger dose.

No one will explain to you

I doubt if doctors actually explain what causes diabetes in details to the patient. They only do it in a shallow way giving obvious reasons such as genetic issues, failure to exercise and being overweight. Due to the high risk involved most of these doctors will recommend the meds they know rather than what will work effectively. Well, the major reason behind this is that there is no known medical cure and no doctor will admit this. All they want is the chunk of money you have while at the same time protect the medical license assigned to them.

Let me break down this to you. These doctors will make you slaves to meds that you would be required to take for the rest of your life. There is one thing that should be clear to you with such doctors. Their aim is not to treat you, after all when you get cured they get nothing. It’s so unfortunate how trained professionals can turn someone’s condition into an investment to make profits. Or what else could you call lifetime medication?

Are you sure you want this?

If you don’t want to be a slave to medications for the rest of your life then you should seek an alternative approach on how to handle type 2 diabetes. In this article, I’m going to discuss a product that goes by the name “7 steps to Health”.

 What is this thing they call 7 Steps to Health

This is a method that you can adapt and it helps you cure or reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes in a natural way. No medications are involved.

Is it effective? In the review I will highlight everything there is to know about the product and I will let you decide whether it’s effective or not. Just to be clear of things this is the method I used to reverse the effects of diabetes.

Major features of this product

  • Has 540 pages guiding on nutrition and alerts on the dangers that might arise when you take diabetes meds for long.
  • Gives a 30 days diabetes plan
  • Suits both new patients and patients who have lived with diabetes for a long time
  • Guides on the right and wrong foods to eat as a diabetic
  • Has 7 easy steps in which you can reverse diabetes

This book enlightens patients by giving medical statistics on the various things that happen in the diabetes industry but very little to nothing is known about them. I will share with you the disturbing facts on what causes diabetes, how you can improve the conditions and eventually get cured with time.

Well, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about diabetes. The least you can do is getting to differentiate between facts and myths. By so doing you will be in a position to make the right decisions.

Max Sidorov- The Book Author

Max Sidorov who happens to be a fitness trainer and nutritionist is the main author.

For a period not less than 5 years Max traveled all over the globe every time seeking an opinion about diabetes from top-notch medical experts. In his quest for information, Max left no stone unturned. His book has virtually everything you need to know about the diseases form dietary options, rested and approved natural remedies and other alternative ways to reverse the effects of diabetes.

Also being the founder of a website that specializes in getting alternative ways on curing of curing diabetes and reducing insulin resistance. In the website, Max brought together various medical experts by the name Dr. Nezhnyi, Dr. Livna, Dr. Harchenko and Dr. Vito. All these doctors have played a major role in the success of this particular website.

The contents of the book

What you need to know about the industry

The great question is, does the pharmaceutical industry mean well for you in the sense that they want you to get cured or are they just there for dig money from your pockets and make tonnes of profits?

Sit back and relax this is a question we are going to answer together. However, I should warn you that, it’s deeper than you think!

Here is the first thing of which I’m confident you know very little about. When it comes to diabetes did you know that the sponsors and the financial industry in support of the campaign are biased? The reason why the only thing you see published in journals is how as a diabetic you can’t do without the meds is due to the simple fact that they want you to believe so.

Here is the reason for this, the industry makes over 300 billion in dollars each year.

So what actually happens is that people in the pharmaceutical industry collaborate with a top-notch publisher who edits and filter anything that isn’t supporting taking meds for diabetes. Selfish, right!? This explains why there is very little written about alternative ways of curing diabetes. The big corporations work together to kill this voice.

Do you still have the same stand about prescription drugs as a cure for diabetes?

A diabetes plan lasting for 30 days

In the entire book, this is by far the crucial chapter in the book. This chapter highlights the various steps you should take so as to reverse diabetes in a period, not more than 30 days.

It is in this chapter where you shall be guided on the various foods that you should eat and those that you should avoid, ways in which you should prepare your meals, amount of exercise you should take in a day and any other lifestyle change if necessary.

Why proper nutrition is important

The main reason why nutrition is considered a crucial thing when it comes to diabetes is due to the fact that poor nutrition might be the reason why you contracted diabetes in the first place.

This is a fact that most people in the medical fraternity don’t want patients to know. The diet you take is the thin line that determines whether you will contract various types of diseases related to the heart, cancer-related or dementia just to name a few. If you eat healthily you will avoid these complications. This fact is backed up by numerous scientific researches.

In the book, Max has stressed on the need to be strict on your diet. If you eat well then you won’t have to worry about a sudden rise in the blood glucose levels, you will also improve the way your endocrine system works, lower levels of bad cholesterol, normalize your hemoglobin A1 levels and eventually reverse diabetes.

What’s not true about diabetes?

Right now diabetes might be an epidemic not only in the US but to the rest of the world, however, this was not the case a few years ago. The numbers were much lower in the past but they exaggerated it.

If the meds were that effective as advertised then the number ought to reduce but this has not been the case. The author of the e-book unmasks all the scams and how greedy the pharmaceutical industry is and the role they have paid in the growth on the number of people living with diabetes.

Well, I don’t mean that all pharmaceutical corporations are evil and are only after making money. However, quite a significant number of them are that way. The same can be said about doctors. They have just been trained when at medical school the meds to prescribe someone has been diagnosed with diabetes. They have also been trained to believe that diabetes has no known cure rather than meds that you should take for the rest of your life.

Is there an alternative way to cure diabetes?

The truth is, as of the moment there is no known medical or drug that can completely cure diabetes.

When you take the meds they will only reduce the adverse effects and symptoms of diabetes. This will make you feel somewhat better but it will only be for a while since after a while the symptoms will kick in yet again. Meaning that you have to take the meds prescribed meds for the rest of your life.

In the medical world, it is illegal to even mention anything about natural cures. Doctors are trained to believe that its only meds that can make someone feel better.

In the 7 steps to health e-book, you will get every information on the various ways in which you can cure diabetes naturally. There is very little written about these methods and I have discussed above in details why this is the case.

The alternative way

If you want to get better gather all the information there is about the disease. In this case, if you want to know whether there is an alternative way to cure diabetes the only place you can get such kind of information is on books. Most of the things written online are corrupted and can’t be trusted.

The book by Max Sidorov is more of a comprehensive guide that contains more than 500 pages. In the book are scientific facts, ways to manage insulin and glucose levels. Everything is done all naturally. In other words, this is the alternative method you have been seeking.

How to go about it

Here is a way in which you can completely cure diabetes.

The 7 steps to Health

The information on this particular E-book gets updated every now and then to incorporate new scientific findings. Every brain that has helped in compiling the E-book has a better understanding of diabetes as a condition than most doctors. Every method highlighted has been tested and its inclusion only means that it works.

Unlike most products which fail to deliver, the 7 steps to health always deliver its promises. However, there should be a dedication and willingness to be guided on your side.

Natural solutions

The main reason why most people these days don’t want the medical option is the fact that they are to take meds for the rest of their lives and for those with insulin deficiency take insulin shots. The meds are only a short-term solution. In the long run, they shall become less effective.

As you shall get to see the 7 steps to health gets into the root of the problem and not only treats the symptoms of diabetes. And, everything in the E-book is all natural, this means that you want your body with chemicals and all the methods are implemented at the comfort of your home.

A bonus you didn’t expect

If you follow the steps wholeheartedly the, least assured that with time you shall reverse type 2 diabetes. That’s not all, as an additional benefit you shall also develop a healthier metabolism system and in the process reduce to nearly zero any chance of getting any other chronic diseases.

Some of the diseases that you shall avoid include cancer, chronic inflammation, stroke, nephropathy, dementia, Alzheimer’s and retinopathy just to name a few.

Easy access

Unlike other products which you have to wait for them to be delivered on your doorsteps, with 7 steps to health once your payment is processed you will get access to the product immediately.

I can assure you that this is a real deal and there is no better way to get started than having the 540 pages E-book downloaded on your Smartphone, computer or tablet.

Guarantees a complete refund

There is no risk involved when you purchase the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie. This is due to the fact that, if by any chance you would like a refund, you can get it within 60 days. That is if you give a legit reason why you would like to be refunded.

I know for a fact that it’s very stressing to handle and treat diabetes. Give this product a trial guaranteed that it will not disappoint.

Easy to navigate

Unlike other guides, this particular one is not complicated. They are clear on everything including what would be required of you. There will be no need for a dictionary since everything is clear and easy to understand.

Everything works

This guide is not trial an error. Diabetes on its own is disturbing enough and gives no room for mistakes. The brains behind 7 Steps to Health are aware of all these and that’s why they came up with a product that based on facts and not guesswork.

Once you get the product there will be nothing for you to guess. Everything is laid out clearly and hence the slogan clarity and simplicity.

You will be enlightened about everything you need to know about diabetes including the details that the medical fraternity has worked so hard to hide. If you implement the guides into your life everything will start falling in place. There will be no need for insulin shots and eventually you shall be cured of diabetes.

Cons of the 7 Steps to Health

Let me make this clear right at the beginning. It’s not going to work like magic. There are changes that you must implement in your life for this guide to work. Failure to do so, this product won’t provide a short-term nor long-term solution for your diabetes!

The response time to the guide varies. In some people, it’s going to respond fast whereas in others it will take time. Irrespective of all these ensure that you stay focus and dedication to the course.


The 7 Steps to Health guide gets into the root cause of the problem understanding categorically how living with type 2-diabetes can make someone feel so helpless. Most people who have used the product have actually confessed that it actually works. Get this product today least assured that it isn’t a scam.


The 16 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Any diabetic will tell you that the hardest thing to do is deciding the kinds of foods that they should eat so as to remain healthy and maintain stable blood sugar levels.

The goal of every diabetic is to ensure that they maintain their blood sugar levels at a rate that can easily be controlled.

Well, other than working on maintaining stable blood sugar levels it is also very important to ensure that you take foods that which will help you reduce the risk of contracting heart diseases.

The following are some of the best foods safe to the consumer by people with both type 2 and type 1 diabetes.

  1. Fatty Fish

Fish and in particular the fatty fish happens to be the healthiest food you can ever consume.

Examples of fatty fish include herring, salmon, mackerel, anchovies, and sardines. All these fish are rich in the very crucial Omega-3 fatty acids as well as EPA. All these components are essential for people living with diabetes.

Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly useful since it reduces the risk of contracting stroke and other chronic heart diseases.

Fish are also rich in proteins and in this case proteins of the highest quality this will make you full and in the process increase your body metabolic rate.

My verdict on this is that the omega-3 fatty acids play a major role in preventing chronic diseases associated with the heart as well as reduce inflammation.

  1. Leafy Greens

Vegetables are relatively low when it comes to calories but have a very high nutritious value.

Carbs have an adverse effect on the body’s blood sugar levels and leafy greens happen to be low in this component.

Examples of good sources of leafy greens are kale, spinach you can also add in any other source but these two are the major ones and are the main source of minerals and vitamins.

One the studies actually indicated that when you increase your intake of Vitamins C, chances are that you will reduce your fasting blood glucose levels and inflammation. This is particularly useful if you have high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.

That’s not all when you consume leafy greens, you will be adding zeaxanthin and antioxidants lutein in your body.

Most diabetic people eye problems, consuming leafy greens ensures that your eye is protected from cataracts and macular degeneration.

My verdict: as a diabetic you should increase your intake of green leafy vegetable to get vital nutrients and antioxidants which help prevent chronic diseases and eye problems a very common issue among the diabetic.

  1. Cinnamon

There is no shadow of doubt in the fact that cinnamon is one very delicious spice and rich in antioxidants.

Studies have actually indicated that you can lower your blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity by consuming cinnamon.

These studies measure the hemoglobin A1c in the body for a period of 3-4 months so as to determine the average blood glucose levels of the test subjects.

In one study where people with type 2 diabetes were used as test subjects. Those who actually took cinnamon for a period of 90 days showed a significant reduction in the hemoglobin A1c levels when compared to the control group.

In an analysis that included 10 studies, it was found that cinnamon plays a major role in lowering levels of bad triglyceride and cholesterol in the body.

There is, however, no significant evidence to support the fact that cinnamon actually has health benefits to the adolescents living with type 1 diabetes.

You should, however, limit the amount of cassia cinnamon you take to at least one teaspoon in a day.

You should however not take coumarin in high doses since it’s linked with serious health issues.

This is not something that you should worry about is you take cinnamon after all true cinnamon has little to no coumarin.

My verdict on this is that so as to improve your blood glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity, lower levels of bad cholesterol and triglyceride in the body then you should consider increasing your intake of cinnamon.

  1. Eggs

If you want to say full for a long time while at the same time get essential nutrients then the best choice to go with is eggs.

Most diabetic people are at the risk of developing heart complications, well if you consume eggs you will reduce the risk of contracting a heart disease by a significant percentage.

When you take eggs you will also decrease inflammation in your body, increase insulin sensitivity, increase levels of good cholesterol while at the same time reduce bad cholesterol.

One of the studies actually showed significant evidence supporting the fact that when you consume at least eggs in a day there will be improvements in your blood glucose levels as well as cholesterol levels.

You will also be providing your body with antioxidants, zeaxanthin, and lutein all which helps in protecting the eyes from any chronic disease.

It is also important to note that the most nutritious part of the egg is the yolk rather than the white part.

My verdict: Eggs you will help you stay full for long, give protection to your eyes, help maintain stable blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of contracting chronic disease an issue very common with people with diabetes.

  1. Chia Seeds

This is always a healthy option if you are diabetic. These seeds are high in soluble fiber and low in carbs.

Whereas you get 11-12 g of carbs in a serving of chia seeds the same will give you 28grams of fiber. This fiber will help you maintain stable blood glucose levels.

You can also consume chia seeds as a way to reduce weight. The high fiber ensures that you stay full for long meaning that you won’t have to eat every now and then. The fiber also slows down the absorption of calories in the body.

On top of all that, Chai seeds also help in reducing blood pressure as well as inflammatory in the body.

My verdict: when you consume chia seeds you will get high fiber content, low carbs and it will decrease your blood pressure as well as inflammation.

  1. Turmeric

This being a spice contains an ingredient by the name curcumin that plays a major role in lowering inflammation, blood glucose levels and reduces the risk of contracting chronic heart disease an issue very common among the diabetic.

As we all know, most diabetic people are prone to kidney problems. Curcumin an active ingredient in turmeric helps in improving your kidney health.

You should however not consume turmeric on its own since curcumin is not absorbed effectively. To boost the absorption consume it with black paper.

My verdict: Curcumin is an active component in turmeric that plays a major role in reducing blood glucose levels, inflammation while at the same time reducing the risk of contracting kidney and heart chronic diseases.

  1. Greek yogurt

When it comes to a dairy choice a Greek yogurt is always a healthy option. Greek yogurt contains probiotics which help in maintaining stable blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of contracting a heart disease.

Studies have also shown significant evidence supporting the fact that consuming Greek yogurt helps in improving our body composition and weight loss which is a major issue among people with diabetes.

This is highly attributed to the high calcium content g and CLA (Conjugated Linolic Acid). In a serving of Greek yogurt, you will only get 6-8g of carbohydrates. This is low compared to the normal conventional yogurts. This yogurt is also high in proteins and this ensures that you stay full for long and in the process helps in promoting losing excess weight.

My verdict: when you take Greek yogurt this will help you manage your weight, maintain controlled blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of contracting chronic diseases.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are not only delicious but are also nutritious! Almost all types of nuts are high in fiber and low in carbs.  The following is a list of the number of digestible carbohydrates in a single serving various nuts.

  • 4 grams in Brazil nuts
  • 6 grams in almonds
  • 7 grams in cashews
  • 2 grams in hazelnuts
  • 2 grams in pecans
  • 5 grams in pistachios
  • 2 grams in walnuts

Studies have also indicated that if you consume nuts on a regular basis this will help reduce levels of inflammation, blood glucose levels and LDL and HbA1c levels.

One of the studies that used people living with diabetes as test subjects were asked to include 30g of walnuts as part of their day to day diet for a period not less than 1 year. Notable weight loss was detected, reduction of insulin levels in the body and the body composition changed for the better.

Research has shown that high insulin levels are the major reason for increased cases of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

My verdict: there is no shadow of a doubt that nuts are always a healthy option for you as a diabetic. They are low in carbs, helps in reducing blood glucose levels, LDL levels as well as insulin levels.

  1. Broccoli

This is a vegetable and highly recommended for its nutritious value. In ½ a cup serving of broccoli that has already been cooked there are 27 calories and only 3g of digestible carbohydrates. There are also other essential nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin C.

Recent studies have shown that consuming broccoli helps in lowing levels on insulin in the body and in the process ensures an efficient metabolism one that is free from any harmful free radical.

You will also get a good share of zeaxanthin and lutein when you consume broccoli all which helps reduce the risk of contracting eye problems an issue very common among the diabetic.

My verdict: broccoli happens to a very nutritious vegetable one that is low in carbs and calories. Always a healthy option for a diabetic!

  1. Extra-virgin olive oil

This is particularly beneficial for the health of your heart. Extra- virgin olive oil contains monounsaturated fat in particular oleic acid that helps increase levels of good cholesterol and triglycerides. The levels of the two are usually very low for people living with diabetes.

An analysis was done on more than 32 studies all which studied various types of fats. In the analysis, it was found that it was only olive oil that showed significant evidence in helping reduce the risk of contracting a heart disease.

When you take olive oil you will also get polyphenol which is an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation, reduce levels of bad cholesterol, and reduce the burning sensation as a result of oxidation in the process reducing blood pressure.

Unrefined olive oil retains all the essential nutrients and is a strong antioxidant. Don’t just buy any oil, see to it that you purchase it from a reliable source. There have been reported cases of some extra-virgin olive oil being mixed with other cheaper oils affecting the quality.

My verdict: pure olive oil is rich in oleic acid that helps in regulating blood pressure and reducing the risk of contracting chronic heart diseases.

  1. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds contain insoluble fiber high in lignans that help reduce chances of contracting chronic diseases and helps in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

A study that used people with diabetes as test subjects found that after administering flaxseeds to the patients for no less than 12 weeks there was a significant improvement in levels of hemoglobin A1c.

Yet another study showed that consuming flaxseeds helps in lowering chances of getting a stroke, and helps in blood clotting highlighted as a major issue in people living with diabetes.

The fiber in flaxseeds increases insulin sensitivity helps in smooth bowel movements and will make you feel full for hours.

It is important to note that our bodies are not designed to absorb flaxseeds as a whole. You can either grind the seeds yourself or purchase grounded ones in your local store. Avoid contamination by covering it tightly so as to prevent it from being rancid.

My verdict: consuming flaxseeds helps in reducing inflammation, reduce blood glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity and prevent chronic heart diseases.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Though made from ripe apples, the sugar content in the fruit is fermented to acetic acid. This means that in one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar you will only get 1g of carbs.

That’s not all, you will also lower your fasting blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity when you consume apple cider vinegar. Be sure to include it as a component in other meals so as to reduce chances of a spike in the blood glucose levels by 20%.

You will also have smooth bowel movements as well as ensure that you stay full for longer. With an exemption, if you have a condition known as gastroparesis relatively common in people with type 1 diabetes.

When including this spicy vinegar in your day to day diet, start off by mixing a tablespoon of it in a glass full of water the increase gradually.

My verdict: helps you stay full for long, increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels.

  1. Strawberries

Anthocyanins are the antioxidant responsible for the red color in strawberries. This compound is responsible for the reduction of insulin and cholesterol in the body. Consuming strawberries also helps in improving blood glucose levels reducing the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes.

In a cup, you will get 49 calories, 3g of fiber and 11g of carbs. Strawberries are also a great source of vitamins C and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in improving heart health.

My verdict: I highly recommend that you make strawberries part of your day to day diet. They are low in sugars and its anti-inflammatory properties play a major role in improving the health of the heart.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a spice known to reduce inflammation, levels of bad cholesterol and blood glucose levels for people diagnosed with diabetes and in particular type 2.

Studies have also shown garlic to help in reducing blood pressure for up to 10 points when consumed over a long period of time.

In one garlic clove in the raw form, you will get 1g of carbs and 4 calories.

My verdict: on consuming garlic you will lower your blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, levels of bad cholesterol and lowers blood pressure for people living with diabetes.

  1. Squash

In winter squash comes in varieties and include butternut, acorn, and pumpkin. Common types of this vegetable are Italian squash and zucchini.

Just like most other vegetable squash is rich in antioxidants with most being high in zeaxanthin and lutein all which helps in protecting against macular degeneration and cataracts.

There lacks enough research on a human to support the fact that squash helps in reducing blood glucose levels but the few done have supported this fact.

My verdict: both winter and summer squash have antioxidants that help in lowering blood sugar levels and increasing insulin sensitivity.

  1. Shirataki noodles

These noodles are always a healthy option for every diabetic. It is high in fiber (glucomannan) and this helps in weight control.

Shirataki is a native Japan plant and is known to lower the levels of hunger ensuring that you stay full for longer. When consumed over a long period of time it will also help in the health of the heart, reduce blood sugar levels and helps in body metabolism.

When cooking these noodles ensure that you rinse them well and cook for several minutes.

My verdict: the fiber content helps in ensuring that you stay full for longer as well as maintain stable blood sugar levels not forgetting lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the body.


When your blood glucose levels are unstable you are at a risk of contracting other diseases.

However, if you eat food that will help you maintain stable blood glucose levels, prevent inflammation and increase insulin sensitivity this will reduce all the complications that might arise.

15 Easy Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

You get diagnosed with high blood glucose when the body fails to effectively transport glucose to the cells from the blood.

If not treated early enough this automatically leads to diabetes.

In a study published in 2012, if their statistics are anything to go by then approximately 12-14 adults in the US have type 2 diabetes. As if that’s not disturbing enough 37-38% are classified as being pre-diabetic.

Let me break that down for you. Over 50% of adults in the US either are pre-diabetic or have diabetes.

The following are some of the ways in which you can naturally lower your blood glucose levels:

  1. Regular exercise

If you exercise regularly you stand better chances of increasing your insulin sensitivity and reducing weight.

An increase in insulin sensitivity means that the body cells will respond effectively to change in glucose levels.

Regular exercise also ensures that the body makes use of the glucose in the blood for muscle contraction.

You should, however, ensure that you keep track of your blood glucose levels if you have problems controlling it. A routine check ensures that you monitor how your body responds to various exercises.

The best form of exercise to adapt are brisk walking, weight lifting, biking, running, dancing, swimming and hiking just to name a few.

Summary: when you exercise you will be increasing insulin sensitivity while at the same time helps the body makes use of the glucose in the blood.

  1. Control the number of cabs you take

Basically, when we take carbs they are broken down into glucose that is later moved into the body cells by insulin.

If you take way too many carbs this means that there will be more glucose to be transported to the body cells. If you have a problem with insulin this will result in a rise in the blood sugar levels.

Well, according to the ADA (American Diabetes Association) it is actually possible to control your intake of carbs. The most recommended way is using an exchange system.

An exchange system guides you on how to plan for your meals in an appropriate way. A well-planned diet allows you to maintain controlled blood sugar levels and prevent a spike in the blood glucose levels.

This is both a short-term and long-run solution.

Summary: carbohydrates are broken down into sugar; if you reduce your intake of carbs this will help you control blood sugar levels.

  1. Take more fiber

Including fiber in your day to day diet slows down the digestion of carbohydrates. This in return prevents a sudden rise in the blood glucose levels. However, different types of fiber react differently.

Basically, there are two types of fiber that are: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Both fibers are essential but in particular soluble fiber has proved to lower blood glucose levels.

Fiber is not only useful for people living with type 2 diabetes but types 1 diabetes as well. Examples of foods rich in fiber include fruits, legumes, vegetables, and whole grains.

In day women are recommended to take approximately 25g of fiber whereas men should take 38grams. Well, that’s a ratio of 14g for 1000 calories.

Summary: food rich in fiber helps in fiber helps in controlling blood sugar levels with the most effective form of fiber being soluble fiber.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Did you know that if you drink plenty of water this can help maintain your blood sugar levels? Well, now you know. Other than ensuring that you stay hydrated, drinking enough water helps the kidney excrete excess sugars in the blood in the form of urine.

Studies have been done to support this and actually found enough evidence supporting the fact that people who drink more water have a less likelihood of getting a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Never substitute water with any drink since water is pure yet other beverages might have preservatives and sugars that might raise your blood glucose levels.

Summary: water not only enables you to stay hydrated but also helps in reducing blood glucose levels.

  1. Portion control

Take caution on the number of calories you take in a day is famously known to help in shedding off excess weight. By controlling your body weight you will also be managing your blood glucose levels and even reducing the risks of contracting type 2 diabetes.

By monitoring the portion you take ensures that you keep your calorie count in check and as a result prevent a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Tips on how to monitor the portion you take:

  • Measure or weigh the portions
  • Serve in a small plate
  • Avoid eating in restaurants
  • Lead the labels and take not of the servings
  • Have a personal food journal
  • Most importantly eat slowly.

Summary: if you control the portion of serving that you take you will also be regulating your blood glucose levels.

  1. Low GI foods

Glycemic index measures how our blood sugar responds after consuming certain food substances.

Studies have actually shown that people who eat foods with a low glycemic index stand better chances of developing stable blood sugar levels both in the short run and in the long-run for both type 2 and type 1 diabetes patients.

As much as the glycemic index play a major role in maintaining stable blood glucose levels, the portion you take also matters.

Examples of foods with a low glycemic index include meat, eggs, seafood, oats, barley, lentils, beans, sweet potatoes, legumes, corns, fruits, yams and vegetables that are non-starchy.

Summary: to manage your blood sugar levels take foods with a low glycemic index on top of that you should control the number of carbs you take on a meal.

  1. Reduce stress

In the modern generation, we can’t totally avoid stress. The least we can do is control it. Well, if you have an issue with your blood sugar levels then this is something you should consider.

When you are stressed, the body produces cortisol and glucagon hormones all which cause a rise in the blood glucose levels.

You can actually reduce your stress by exercising, meditation and relaxation. This is like killing two birds with one stone since you will also be regulating your blood glucose levels.

Yoga being a relaxation method not only helps you reduce blood glucose levels but also increases insulin sensitivity.

Summary: when you control your stress levels by relation methods or exercising you will also be lowering your blood glucose levels.

  1. Keep track f your blood glucose levels

If you keep monitoring your blood glucose levels then it will be easy to manage and control it.

For instance: by monitoring your blood glucose levels you will be in a position to determine how your blood sugar level reacts to different foods, a certain exercise or medication.

For efficiency, measure your blood sugar levels after meals. This will help you keep track of the foods that are healthy for you as a diabetic and those that you should avoid.

Summary: by keeping track of your day to day blood sugar levels it will be easy for you to keep it under control. This is simply due to the fact that you will be in a position to know the various foods and medications that keep your blood sugar levels at its low.

  1. Get quality sleep

When you have quality goodnight sleep you always wake up happy and feeling refreshed. This should be the case since if you have unhealthy sleeping habits this is most likely to affect your blood glucose levels as well as insulin sensitivity.

When you don’t get enough sleep this will affect your growth hormones and increase levels of cortisol. All of these hormones play a major role in ensuring that the body maintains controlled blood sugar levels.

And, good sleep is about both quality and quantity. Sleep for enough hours to give your brain sufficient time to rest.

Summary: quality sleep helps the body to control blood sugar levels. Your body metabolism also needs enough sleep so as to function effectively.

  1. Increase your intake of magnesium and chromium

Studies have shown that high blood glucose levels are linked to a deficiency of micronutrients. Examples of these micronutrients are magnesium and chromium.

When fats and carbs are being broken down, chromium is needed so as to help keep the blood sugar levels in a controllable state. If you lack chromium your body could become intolerant to carbs.

There has been a heated debate on whether chromium helps in maintaining controlled blood sugar levels in the long run. Different studies contradict when it comes to this fact.

Examples of food rich in chromium are egg yolk, coffee, whole grains, nuts, meat, broccoli, and beans.

Magnesium, on the other hand, has enough evidence to support the fact that it helps in lowering blood sugar levels. In fact, if you take foods rich in magnesium you will reduce the chances of being diagnosed with diabetes by 47%.

Examples of foods rich in magnesium are dark leafy green, dark chocolate, whole grains, avocados, bananas, fish and beans.

Summary: if you take foods rich in magnesium and chromium you will reduce the chances of contracting diabetes by a very high percentage.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

By consuming apple cider vinegar you will have reduced your fasting blood glucose levels. This is so since it directly decreases the production in the liver while at the same time increasing the need for this glucose in the cells.

This particular brand of vinegar is also known to increase insulin sensitivity. You can make it part of your diet by adding it to your salad or drinking it directly from water.

If you are on any form of medication please consult with your doctor.

Summary: this spice should be part of your day to day diet due to its basic property of lowering blood glucose levels.

  1. Cinnamon extracts

Cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity by reducing its resistance in the body cells! Studies have actually indicated that cinnamon can lower your blood glucose levels by 29%.

This is so since it slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates. There have also been instances where cinnamon acts as insulin but works relatively slow.

The ideal recommendation is 1-6 grams in a day. Don’t exceed this limit since this can prove harmful.

Summary: cinnamon will increase insulin sensitivity as well as decrease the fasting blood glucose levels.

  1. Berberine

This is a natively Chinese herb and has been known to treat patients with diabetes for more than a century.

This is so since it helps in lowering blood glucose levels as well as facilitates the breakdown of carbohydrates to energy.

There has not been enough research to verify how this herb works but there are enough testimonials showing that it works.

There are however reported minor side effects such as abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, and constipation.

Summary: berberine will help you lower your blood glucose levels with minor side effects on the digestion.

  1. Fenugreek seeds

These seeds are high in soluble fiber that plays a major role in controlling blood glucose levels.

Fenugreek also helps improve body glucose tolerance. You can actually make it part of your day to day meal by adding it to already baked foods. It is 100% safe and has no side effects.

Summary: if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic then you should consider trying out fenugreek seed. They have a proven track record to reduce blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity.

  1. Lose weight

If you have a healthy weight then it will be easy to manage your blood sugar levels. In fact, if you are in shape there are very minimal chances that you will be diagnosed with diabetes in the first place.

If you reduce your body weight by 7% you are actually reducing your chances of getting diabetes by

Exercise to shed off excess weight from waistline downwards. It works in both men and women.

Summary: lose excess weight and there is a very little chance that you will get diabetes.


Before adopting anything it is advisable that you first consult with your doctor. This is so as to avoid a negative reaction to the diabetes meds you might already be taking.

With the 15 natural ways in which you can treat diabetes, I don’t see any reason why controlling blood sugar levels should be a problem for you.

Best Herbs to Lower Blood Sugar

We happen to live in the times where most prescriptions will not only drain you financially but also have numerous side effects. It is for this reason that people have been seeking alternatives and it has all been for the worthy course. The same is true when it comes to type 2 diabetes since most people are opting out of prescription and instead opting for a change if lifestyle, adopting a healthy diet and taking natural supplements all in attempt to maintain stable regular blood glucose levels. There are also those who opt to use herbs and all have proved to work better with fewer side effects compared to diabetes meds.

Whether you are a diabetic or not, maintaining stable blood glucose levels should be your top priority! Basically, unstable blood sugar levels can have serious health effects if left no precautions are taken. On the positive side, there are spices and herbs that have been scientifically proven to lower blood glucose levels for both people living with diabetes and the pre-diabetics. As well know herbs and spices have numerous health benefits other than lowering the blood sugar levels and this means that you will not only lower the blood glucose levels but also the overall health benefits.

It is, however, important to know that not everything qualifies to be called herbs. Some are poisonous whereas others won’t serve the intended purpose.

It is also important to know that herbs are from the green and leafy part and not the roots. However, spices are from the other parts of a plant other than the green and leafy parts. Spices are derived from parts such as seeds, barks, bulb, roots, and stems.

Well, now that you are enlightened on that field we can proceed and have a look at some of the most popular herbs and spices. Normally, animals are used as test subjects when performing dietary experiments, however, in this case, some of the herbs and spices such as ginger and garlic are already considered as food. This means that most people consume them as part of their day to day diet without necessarily knowing the additional health benefits. And, since most of the herbs have no noted side effects most of these herbs have been tested on humans and have been proved to work.

14 of the best herbs that will definitely lower your blood glucose levels

Gymnema Sylvestre

This is by far the best herb to consider if you want to lower your blood sugar levels. How does Gymnema Sylvestre help in lowering glucose levels in the blood? It improved how glucose is utilized in the body cells and as a result reducing the levels in the bloodstream. This herb also inhibits the release of more glucose by the lover into the blood. This in return will help lower the triglycerides and cholesterol levels. The herb works to both people with type 1 diabetes and types 2 diabetes. Gymnema Sylvestre also helps in rejuvenating the beta cells found in the pancreas as a result, curing the condition.

Basically, the herb was natively grown in South and Central India and has been used as traditional medicine dating back to the 6th century BC. It is believed that the herbs have a compound gymnemic acid which has been scientifically proven to have the ability to slow the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. There are also those scientists who believe that Gymnema Sylvestre extracts have the ability to rejuvenate the beta cells in the pancreas and hence facilitate the production of insulin.

In yet another experiment conducted with rats as subjects, the extracts of the herb when administered to the rats were able to basically double the number of islets they regenerated as well as the beta cells. The conclusion was that this lowered the blood glucose levels as well as increase the amount of insulin secreted in the body.


Cinnamon is relatively famous both in the cosmetic industry and the medical industry. Cinnamon has been found to affect the glycemic and lipid profile of people living with type 2 diabetes positively. This is attributed largely to the 18% polyphenol. Cinnamon is a native Indian spice and helps maintain stable blood glucose levels by improving the sensitivity of insulin. If the publication on the American Board of Family Medicine, it was found that cinnamon helps lower the HbA1C by 0.83% which is higher than the 0.37% in standard prescriptions. Taking cinnamon also helps in lowering the serum HbA1C to people with type 2 diabetes.


According to experiments done to rats as the test subjects, it was found that cloves protected the liver and the heart. Basically, the spice has 30% antioxidant phenol that is in form of dry weight. This is not the only antioxidant since cloves also have antioxidants quercetin and anthocyanins. This means that cloves possess both germicidal and antiseptic properties. You will also get analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits all which are vital for people with diabetes.

In yet another study, 36 people were used as test subjects and divided into 4 groups which were given 3, 2, 1 and 0 clover in a day. This was followed up by a 10-day washout. The results were as follows:

  • Serum glucose reduced from to 150 from 225 mg/dL with an error margin of 46 and 67 respectively.
  • The triglycerides reduced to 203 from 235 mg/ dL with an error margin of 86 and 63 respectively.
  • Total serum cholesterol reduced to 239 from 273 mg/dL with an error margin of 47 and 78 respectively.
  • LDL reduced to 145 from 175 mg/dL with an error margin of 44 and 73 respectively.


Most people know rosemary for its aromatic flavor that is used to add flavor in soups and meat. But did you know that Rosemary helps in maintaining stable blood sugar levels? Well, now you know. Rosemary also helps in weight loss which is a major concern when it comes to people with diabetes. In a recent study where rats were used as test subjects, it was found that rosemary helps in lowering the lipid profile as well as the glucose levels in normal rats and those with diabetes. In the study when rosemary extracts were administered to rats with diabetes for a period of 4 weeks it was found that the blood glucose levels decreased by 20%, cholesterol levels decreased by 22%, triglyceride levels decreased by 24% whereas the HDC raised by 18%. The findings of this study were published in 2012.


This herb is quite popular in Italy, Spanish and the Mediterranean region and is famous for its ability to lower blood glucose levels. In a study that was done in Mexico with diabetic rats as test subjects, it was found that when oregano was induced to them it increased the oxidative stress by inhibiting lipid peroxidants. Oregano also has the ability to delay or rather prevent renal damage. Well, next time you are cooking make sure that this herb is part of the ingredients.


If the finding of the British Journal of Nutrition is anything to go by then we can comfortably say that sage has effects similar to those of metformin. This makes sage an essential ingredient when preparing meals. This herb has been used as traditional medicine for decades if not centuries due to its ability to reduce the blood glucose levels. It is important to note that taking too much sage along with diabetes meds can cause your blood sugar levels to fall below average leading to a condition known as hypoglycemia. Always monitor your blood glucose levels when taking sage.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves are yet another native Indian spice and are famous for its ability to stabilize the blood sugar levels and speed up the carbohydrate metabolism. According to an Indian study that investigates the effects of curry leaves on people living with type 2 diabetes, it was found that curry leaves have a compound phytochemical that helps control the blood glucose levels. Curry leaves reduce the postprandial and fasting blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In the study, diabetic rats were used as test subjects and after curry leaves were administered to the rats it helps influence the metabolism of carbohydrates as well as improved how the kidney and the liver functioned. Curry leaves also help in the secretion of insulin by speeding up the rate on which pancreatic cells are made.


Based on the findings of a study published in 2005, when garlic was administered to diabetic rats orally. It was found to lower the serum glucose levels, levels of bad cholesterol, urea, triglycerides, uric acid, AST, and creatinine. At the same time, the levels of serum insulin increased in diabetic rats used as test subjects, the rise in serum insulin was not found in rats that had no diabetes. These are the properties that make garlic a crucial spice in most recipes.


Other than soothing the stomach and helping in the digestion process ginger also has the ability to maintain stable blood glucose levels. In several experiments where rats were used as test subjects, ginger was found to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides while at the same time raise the levels of bad cholesterol. Most diabetic people have digestion disorders and this is soothed by ginger.


Turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties all which help the diabetic maintain stable blood glucose levels. Turmeric helps in boosting the immunity system and as a result reducing the risk of contacting most diseases that diabetics are prone to. Curcumin is the active ingredient contained in turmeric and helps in reducing the plasma sugar levels, HbA1C and improves the lipid profile. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help in reducing joint pains which is a condition relatively common among the diabetic.


Basically, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose in the small intestines where they are absorbed into the blood. When you add spices like cayenne to your diet it helps the absorption process and this will naturally stabilize the blood glucose levels. By using cayenne wisely you will be tapping into its inflammatory properties as well.


For a herb that helps lower the blood sugar levels marjoram is a herb that can be used as a substitute for oregano to add a distinct flavor to the food. Being rich in polyphenols it helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Based on a 2012 publication marjoram helps in reducing the formation of AGE (Advanced Glycation End)! This is a compound responsible for the most complications diabetics experience.


Studies have shown that fenugreek seeds help in lowering the blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of carbs in the small intestines. Fenugreek performs the same faction as acarbose which is a diabetic prescription. You can either soak the fenugreek seeds overnight then use them as an ingredient in a recipe, use the seeds when in powder form or even chew the soaked seeds raw.


Ginseng not only reduces the resistance of insulin but also reduces the HbA1C.  In China, this herb has been used for centuries due to the ability to lower blood sugar levels. Ginseng found in India helps cure both Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Herbs in lowering blood sugar levels

Most of the herbs and herbs that possess the ability to reduce blood sugar levels are not only to find but are tasty and will add a unique flavor to your food.

Best Effective Home Remedies for Diabetes

The following are the top ten ways in which you can cure diabetes while at the comfort of your home. However, it is important to note that you first have to consult with your doctor since some of these remedies can react negatively with the diabetes meds.

  1. Bitter Gourd

Famously known as bitter lemons these fruits play a major role in regulating blood glucose levels by lowering the effects of glucose in the blood. Unlike most other fruits which only influence glucose metabolism in just one organ. With bitter gourd, the regulation occurs in every part of the body.

Bitter gourd helps in reducing cell insulin resistance and increase the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas. Therefore making it suitable for people with either type 2 diabetes or type 1 diabetes. It is, however, important to note that bitter lemons cannot be used as a complete replacement of insulin shots/treatment.

  • For efficiency, it is advisable that you drink juice made from a bitter gourd in the morning when your stomach is empty. You should first remove the seeds then extract the juice using a juicer. Add some water to dilute it then take it. Repeat this procedure for at least 2 months.
  • You can also use a bitter guard as an ingredient in one of the dishes in your diet.
  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon in powder form has been documented to help lower the blood sugar levels by increasing the secretion of insulin and increasing its efficiency in the cells. The bioactive components contained in cinnamon helps in fighting the effects of diabetes in the body.

Studies and experiments have shown that cinnamon has the ability to lower the blood glucose levels in people living with type 2 diabetes.

Despite the benefit, cinnamon bought in the grocery is mainly cassia cinnamon and it should be taken with moderation since it contains a compound known as coumarin which can be toxic and in the process damage your liver.

Ceylon cinnamon famously known as true cinnamon is the other variety of cinnamon. This is considered safe but no has less likelihood of controlling your blood sugar levels.

  • In a cup serving of warm water add 1 ½ teaspoon of cinnamon then drink it on a daily basis.
  • You can also boil 2-4 cinnamon sticks in a cup of water then allow it to heat for 20 minutes. Drink this solution daily until your blood glucose levels improve.
  • Cinnamon can also be used as an ingredient in smoothies, warm beverages and in baking.
  1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a herb and from its hypoglycemic activity, this herb helps in controlling and preventing diabetes, lowering blood sugar levels and improving the glucose tolerance levels. Fenugreek being rich in fiber helps in slowing down the rate in which sugars and carbs are absorbed into the blood as well as increasing the secretion of insulin.

  • Add at least 2 tablespoons of fenugreek in powder form to your milk
  • Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight then drink the water in the morning when on an empty stomach. Don’t throw the seeds you should drink t5hem along with the water. Repeat this procedure every day for several months and you shall see a drastic improvement in your blood sugar levels.
  1. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Indian gooseberry or Amla should be the berries you seek if you need vitamin a C. Indian gooseberry also helps in improving how the pancreas functions.

  • Form a paste by grinding 2-3 Amlas into a fine Squeeze the paste to form juice then mix approximately 2 tablespoons of the juice in a cup of water then drink it daily in the morning when hungry.
  • You can also mix a tablespoon of Amla in a cup serving of bitter gourd then drink it each day until you notice improvements in your blood sugar levels.
  1. Black plum or Indian BlackBerry (Jambul)

Black Plum is a native Indian fruit and over the years has been used to control the blood sugar levels. Black plum contains hydrolyzable tannins, ellagic acid, and anthocyanins just to name a few.

With the Jambul plant, virtually just any part of it from the leaves, seeds or the berries can be used to treat diabetes. Studies have shown that the seeds and fruits have a hypoglycemic effect that helps in reducing the blood glucose levels.

In particular, the seeds have alkaloid, jambosine, and the glycoside jamboline all which work in regulating blood glucose levels.

During the fruits, season make black plum part of your day to day diet since this will boost the secretion of insulin. You can also opt to make powder from the seeds then mix it with water. Though the plant is natively grown in India you can also get it in Asian markets and in most herbal shops around the globe.

  1. Mango leaves

Most people don’t know that mango leaves help in regulating the levels of insulin on the body and as a result, treating diabetes. That’s not all; mango leaves also helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Soak overnight 10-15 green mango leaves. Filter the water in the morning and drink it the first thing when your stomach is still empty.

Dry tender and fresh mango leaves in a shade then grind them into powder. Every day take 1 ½ teaspoons of mango leaves at least twice every 24hrs.

  1. Curry leaves

Curry leaves are one among the few leaves that possess anti-diabetic properties. Research has it that curry leaves help in controlling diabetes by lowering the rate at which starch is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Simply chew fresh and tender curry leaves in the morning when on an empty stomach. Repeat this for every day for at least three months for effective results and in the process, you will also lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body as well as aid in weight loss.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most famous herbs in the world. This herb possesses phytosterols and anti-hyperglycemic properties that help in lowering fasting sugar levels in the body.

  • Mix 1 ½ teaspoon of turmeric and bay leaves and 1 teaspoon of aloe vera, take this solution at least twice a day either in the morning or before dinner and lunch.
  1. Guava

Guavas are rich in vitamin C and fiber and this plays an important role in regulating blood glucose levels. As a diabetic however it is advisable that you peel off the skin before consuming the guava always putting in your mind that eating too much of it is discouraged.

  1. Okra

Also known as ladies finger, Okra has the ability to lower blood glucose levels and in the process control diabetes as evidenced by a study published in 2011. This is simply due to the fact that okra has antihyperlipidemic and antidiabetic properties.

  • Soak the okra overnight then in the morning drink the water along with the okras. Repeat this procedure every day for several weeks.
  • Make okras part of your diet.

Points to note

  • You should keep tracking your blood sugar levels
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly
  • Include fiber to your diet
  • Expose yourself to vitamin D since this helps in insulin secretion
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Try and relax and avoid stress

How I Freed Myself from Diabetes

Hi, I’m Lisa and was diagnosed with diabetes recently. Even worse is the fact that my doctor told me that this condition had no cure. Well, personally I don’t handle bad news well but I always focus on the positive side of it. Even with the bad news something in me still believed that I can get cured of the newly diagnosed condition. I was also informed that diabetes can be inherited but given the history in my family this doesn’t apply to me.

I am a proactive person who always tries to find new solutions to everything. Luckily I found something that other than amazes me breathed some sense of hope in me.

I was consoled by the fact that this is generally a common condition in several countries around the globe. I had no idea that such a large number of people had been diagnosed with diabetes.

I didn’t stop there. I dug deep all in attempts to try and find a working solution as well as understand the condition. However, the complex medical terms made it difficult for me to understand most of the information I found.

I found a breakthrough when I started reading material online then relating it to my condition even though I don’t fully understand the medical terms.

What amazed me most was the fact that it is possible to increase the amount of insulin secreted by the liver through the method Insulin Growth Factor. This insulin is responsible for regulating the blood sugar levels.

Well, this information gave me hope and I believed that I can be cured of diabetes. Initially, I was taking medicated pills and they were not only expensive but had some side effects. I couldn’t comprehend the fact that I was to take these meds in the years that I had left.

In just a few months into the procedure, my condition had improved drastically. This never happened when I was taking the diabetes meds.

After a few months I went for a regular checkup and to the amusement of all, I no longer had diabetes. This news shocked everyone including the doctor. To affirm the new finding I had to visit another doctor who yet again gave me the same good news. I no longer had diabetes.

My doctor, however, was surprised the most. According to him curing diabetes was impossible. It was later that I came to realize that the IGF is not well advertised by the pharmaceutical companies so as to ensure that patients continue buying their diabetes medications.

If the pharmaceutical companies would base their drugs in the line of IGF, then the condition would be cured in a few months. The good thing is that this is all about hormones and we carry the cure with only a little stimulation is needed.

As much as this form of treatment may not work for everyone, I can gladly say that it worked for me. I am a living testimony that IGF works. I no longer need meds to keep my blood sugar level in control.

You can also increase the formation of IGF all you have to do is adjust your diet and lifestyle.

Here is a video that will walk you through the whole process and if you follow the recommendations in a few months time you will be free from diabetes.