Diabetes Destroyer Review

If by any chance you have come across or heard about David Andrews’s Diabetes destroyer program and not rather sure whether its worth your time and money the following is a comprehensive review of the product.

In the US more than half of the population is overweight. This has been the major reason why type 2 diabetes has turned into an epidemic in the country. In the program Diabetes Destroyer, David claims that his program has the ability to cure diabetes without using any meds, engaging in exhaustive exercises or even eating strange meals. But, the greatest question is, does the program deliver as advertised.

About David Andrews

David is the main author of the E-book Diabetes Destroyer. He is 51 years old and resides in Washington DC. As his livelihood, he works in a 5 stars motel still around Washington DC.

As you probably had guessed, he had been diagnosed with type 2-diabetes a condition that he has lived with for more than 10 years. In one month alone he would spend more than $2000 on insulin and diabetes meds such as Actos, Amaryl, and Metformin. In one of the days, his condition got worse and entered into a state of diabetes coma where he fainted and had to be taken to the nearest health center. Astonishing enough his blood sugar levels had hit 1,174 and the practitioners insisted that his legs had to be amputated if he was to survive another year.

This fact was very disturbing not only to David but his family as well. Amputation means that he would have to be dependent for the remaining part of his life. Just before the surgery was done, his wife managed to talk the doctors out of the surgery. According to them, the surgery had to be done within 90 days so why the rush?

This was followed by yet another good omen, one of David’s Facebook friends happened to share a research done by Dr. Taylor from Newcastle University. The research was on diabetes and claimed to have found a way to eliminate diabetes from the body. Out of desperation he read the research and trust me you, not this formed the basis of Diabetes Destroyer.

In the research, Dr. Taylor found enough evidence to support the fact that after diabetes patients went through gastric bypass surgery their blood glucose levels somewhat stabilized. Surprising, right!? In a real sense, this surgery has nothing on common to blood glucose levels.

For those who have no background in medicine what this means is that the surgery removes fats deposited around the pancreas and in the process help in regulating levels of insulin. The reason for these fatty deposits is due to an unhealthy diet.

Well, an alternative way to remove the fatty deposits is through eating healthy. That is the right portions of fats, sugars, vitamins, and carbs. In his research, Dr. Taylor used people suffering from type 2-diabetes as test subjects.

In the research, it was found that every single person who stuck to Dr. Taylors meal plan eventually reversed his/her diabetes. They got totally cured that they didn’t even need the meds. This research gave David hope.

Diabetes Destroyer

The diabetes destroyer program works on three principles. They are all natural approaches which eventually cure diabetes. Least assured that you won’t be asked to take meds, awkward foods or have to purchase expensive gadgets.

The following are the three steps:

  • Temporary changer of diet
  • Increase body metabolism
  • Eat the right time

The other remaining four modules of this program are:

  • Secrets that doctors and practitioners won’t tell you about diabetes and being prediabetic!.
  • Give your insulin a jumpstart through a change of diet.
  • Natural ways to boost your body metabolism
  • How to time your meals so as to reverse diabetes

The topics discussed contain the following details

  • What causes diabetes and is there a way to fix the condition?
  • How taking prescribed meds is making your condition worse rather than rectifying it.
  • The two main things responsible for the unstable blood sugar levels and recommended ways to prevent it.
  • The right kind of meal plan to correct the condition on your pancreas as a temporary short-term solution!
  • Comprehensive step by step guide on the right meal plan that will reverse the effects of type 2-diabetes!
  • The three berries that you can take so as to boost the body’s metabolism.
  • By just using 30 seconds on workout how you can boost the body’s metabolism for the entire day.
  • You will also be taught ways or regulating your blood glucose levels without necessarily using any meds or insulin injections.
  • How you should time your meals to ensure that you maintain stable blood sugar levels.
  • The period you should wait before eating a meal and what kind of foods you should not eat at night just before going to sleep.
  • Healthy snacks that help fight diabetes
  • The key things that should never miss your breakfast!

As you have seen the program is detail oriented and will be useful to just anyone. That not all, there is more to the system than the few points I have highlighted. You will only have a chance to see this once you purchase a copy of the E-book.

Notable things about Diabetes destroyer

In terms of popularity, Diabetes Destroyer is very popular with a score of more than 300. Among other natural treatments, this program is ranked among the best in the marketplace.

The format of the file

Once your payment is processed with you get instant access to the E-book that is in PDF format. You are required to download it either on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Smartphone or tablet.

  • Cost of the product: it costs $37 which is usually paid once.
  • Shipping cost: everything is done online and downloaded online so there is no shipping cost
  • Can you get it in hard copy? The answer is no.
  • Can you get it on Amazon? No
  • Any discount of coupons: yes
  • Refund: guarantees a complete refund within 60days
  • Secure payment? Yes. All refunds and payments are handled by Clickbank. It is encrypted and secure least assured that there will be no leakage of your account information.

Does it work?

Let me state this categorically, within just 4 weeks into the program nearly half of those who have implemented this program had managed to get their blood sugar levels to normal. In the next 4 weeks, the remaining half had their blood glucose levels to normal.

Well, that was the good news. There is something else that you have to know about this program. It doesn’t work like magic you have to be dedicated to the course.

Is it safe for everyone?

This program has been tested on people from every corner of the world, different ages, gender, and different backgrounds. It was found safe to use for by everyone.

What are you bound to gain from the program?

The following is a list of things that you are bound to get when you purchase Diabetes Destroyer program:

  • A PDF format booklet that is the main manual of the course
  • A video illustrating the various ways you can increase insulin sensitivity and how you can lose weight fast.
  • A recipe on 3 meals that are considered healthy for just any diabetic person
  • A workout guide that you can implement to boost your body metabolism lasting for 30 seconds
  • Healthy snacks healthy for a diabetic

Pros of Diabetes Destroyer

  • This program is based on a research done by Dr’ Taylor from the Newcastle University meaning that everything has been tested and approved.
  • Everything in the program is all natural
  • Unlike other programs where you have to wait for up to 6 months for results to show, with Diabetes Destroyer you are guaranteed of 100% results as soon as 4 weeks into the plan with the maximum being 8 weeks.
  • Guarantees a complete refund within 60 days

Cons of Diabetes Destroyer

It is not available in hard copy you can only download it online in PDF format.

It doesn’t work like magic you have to be dedicated to the course and for you to invest more of your time and energy to the program.

You have to check with your doctor before implementing certain steps so as to avoid any risk that might be associated with it.


This program by David Andrews is very easy to follow and works just as advertised. It is a step by step guide and all you have to do is implement it since everything is well laid out.

Since the method are inspired by scientific research everything in it has been tested and hence the quick response. The solution is usually long-term, unlike meds that only provide a temporary solution and make you a slave.

There are little to no side effects of implementing this program. The few are only digestion issues associated with a change of diet. by any chance, if you are unhappy with the results you can ask for a refund.

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