I was just diagnosed with diabetes on yesterday

I was just diagnosed with diabetes on yesterday. I’m 35. My numbers have been running 140-150. They gave me a number of 6.5 as well. I’m very ignorant about all of this. Went to the pharmacy to get metformin 500mg yesterday and when it came time to pick out a glucometer I feel apart and cried. I don’t know what meter to pick. I don’t want to press the button to stick my finger. It hurts a lot to me and my fingers don’t give a lot of blood. I’m a complete mess. Is there a machine that I can put my finger on and stick it in and it sticks me automatically?

Skip Loebig Reli-on makes a nice glucometer and finger lancets.

Angela Clark

Hi. Okay, I’m new to this since 4/2019. Please try to take one day at a time.

Just when I think I’ve figured it out, my body reminds me that I do not!

Anyway, I’ve tried two meters and I really like the OneTouch meter.

Jered Birkbeck

It’s not a fun disease but you adjust and get used to it. There probably is something out there for finger sticks like you are talking about but I haven’t seen one so I am no help on that. Stay strong. Ask lots of questions. This board is great for info. Lots of long time diabetics on this board! Good luck to you

Katlyn Stidd

I use reli on from Walmart very well priced … it’s ok to cry and to be upset give your self a couple days to be sad and then accept and conquer!

Shana Smith

Thank you all so much. I’m an emotional mess. Crying again as I read these comments. Smh. I’m going to research all of the ones you all suggest. I. Just don’t want to press that darn button. Have no problem with other folks sticking me though.

Susan Blythe

Unfortunately you will always need to check your BS.
To have to do this less your doctor can get you to use a Dexcom or a Libra so you don’t have to stick your finger as often. No one likes it but you will adjust
Hang it there.
I have been diabetic sense 1966 . I was 15 years old. Almost 68 now.

Sarah White

Deep breath! When you go to prick your fingers make sure your setting isn’t too high. I have mine set at 2. Warm hands give more blood. Don’t do the tip of your finger but rather the side. See if you can go get into a diabetic class. I know you’re feeling overwhelmed right now. It’ll get easier. You’ll always have good and bad days but you’ve got this. *hugs from Colorado *


J Hare Don’t feel bad I didn’t want to stick my finger neither. I got infection when I was told I was diabetic 1, had Dka- I look at this way right know I have to do it to save my life. To keep me in check. I hate the needles but right know that’s what I have to do

Amy Clements

Weiderer There are pointers to sticking your finger! Not on the pad in the center. I kind of use a finger tip polish on the slider if another fingertip to create a fuller and firmer area to get the specimen. You get the sample from the area between the side and the fingertip center. Be sure you don’t put the device on deep puncture! Start on the light setting and move up until you find what works for you!
If you can’t bleed enough, the are points for that too! You will learn when to test. Stress makes your glucose higher, so relax! You’ve got this! You are NOT alone!

Jill Galka Dipple

I was so scared to prick my finger but after you do it a few times, you’ll be a pro!!
I have been a diabetic for 50 years so take it from me, take care of yourself!! Good luck!!

Sheri Shade Jones

Hi Shana. You will be able to do this, we’ve got you back. One day at a time. I’m a nurse case manager and also a diabetic for three years now. Make sure you check and see if a certain meter(s) are covered by you insurance as strips can be expensive. I use the One Touch Verio which was given to me by the diabetic educator and strips are cheap. I also have the Dario to use with my phone. I love the Dario and easy to take with me. Is there a family member that can poke your finger for you until you can get use to doing it yourself? And yes, warm fingers work better and don’t press too hard. and use the side of the finger. Go slow on making changes so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Tracy Pridemore

– Wilson Some of those little finger jabbers seem to have a tighter spring than others. So try several.
But if you really want to make things better on yourself buy a Genteel. It let’s you take blood from anywhere on your body so you can really spread it around and use areas that are less tender.
You got this!!!

Karen Gurney

I like the Accu-Check FastClix Lancing device. It’s the absolute most comfortable I’ve used. It fits in a regular testing kit. It takes its own unique Lancet cartridge, but each cartridge contai,s 6 lancets. You can get the device on Amazon for $12.00 and a box of tbe Lancet cartridges (200) for $12.00 (So that’s 1200 uses). All things considered, it’s very affordable.

Patricia Frantz

Accu check Auto clix will help. Sides of fingers, wash hands, don’t use alcohol wipes. Check out the book by Adam Brown called Brightspots and Landmines. It will help a lot. This site your on has a lot of info, check out American Diabetes Association online. It’s overwhelming, take one day at a time, try to walk some each day. Good news is an A1c of 6.5 isn’t all that bad. You can do this, we are all here to help.

Jeanni Day Dancy

I use the Delica lancet device. Tiiiny lancets. And you can dial how deep it goes. I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I went through an emotional adjustment period. I think we all do. But it really does become easier. This site is GREAT. Lots of really good info archived. It’s funny tho: show me 10 diabetics and I’ll show you 10 different meal plans, 10 different meters, 10 different meds…lol. Try to find a nurse or nutritionist that specializes in diabetes education. Your insurance website is actually a good resource. Most of them have programs for people with chronic diseases where a nurse or pharmacist will contact you periodically to offer help, see if you have questions, give you tips, etc. The ins company saves money if you stay healthy so they’re motivated to help you.

JR Miller

Keep your head up and prayers for you lifted up! Seek out your primary care doctor and nutrition is key.

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