I’m so confused my afternoon blood glocose was 6.4mmoll

I’m so confused my afternoon blood glocose was 6.4mmoll I ran a 10km distance i had my dinner(beans soup and 4slice of brown bread) an hour after eating my blood glucose went up to 9.2mmol 😢😢 what did I do rong people

Laura Virginia Bierema I would guess 4 slices of bread

Renee Beard It’s normal for your level to rise after exercise…you may be low in a couple of hours

Keeley Sample 4 slices of brown bread!? Oh no. Too much. And yes it is normal to have sugars rise after exercising.

Nasim Islam some salad and 2 slice of bread . more fiber and low carb.

Brij Mohan Singh Try to walk atleast 5000 steps after a heavy meal. It will stimulate the pancreas to release the insulin properly, also don’t lay down after having meal. Try to take a bowl of salad before a proper meal and avoid the bread, which contain gluten. One more important thing. Just just leave to think about every time about the diabetes and the readings of glucose meter, think positive and keep mind positive, it will help you to achieve the best results.

Ye Boyang Exercise can cause blood sugar to rise, and many people do.

Christina Jordan It’s normal for to raise. But the beans and bread r all carbs. That will really raise ur sugar And to much bread. Watch how much u eat bread. Watch ur carb intake

Abhilash Shah Bread has lots of calories it take 6 hrs for a slice of bread to get digest so if you have 4 slice it is going to take 6*4 hours to get digest

ThankGod Okoye If the brown bread is not wheat bread then switch to wheat bread and be advised your sugar level rises after eating, checking should be done 2hrs after eating or fasting blood sugar more accurate.

Brooke Nance Exercise will temporarily raise your glucose and you should check your glucose 2hours after eating.

Farzaneh Ezaz You should ck exactly two hours after eating.

Anjum Amin Rather than taking 4 bread slices It’s sometimes better to add a couple of table spoons of barley oats in your soup and let lt simmer for a while so that the oats are fully cooked. It is filling and is quick to digest.

Francis D’silva you should check postprandial glucose after 2 hours post meal.

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