***Mommy and Daughter*** both Type 1 diabetics

***Mommy and Daughter*** both Type 1 diabetics.
None of us sign up for this.. but I will say if it was a choice I would in a heart beat, to feel what my daughter goes thru daily. I’m 42yrs old , Mikala now 22yrs old, she was diagnosed at 7 yrs old. I had to keep positive about Diabetes, I had to set the example for her.. I made it fun competition on who had better blood sugars throughout the day.
We make the best of what we are given, we do everything together.
In July we decided we both needed to drop weight, Mikala is down 19 pounds, Me 14 pounds so far.
I couldn’t imagine living with diabetes without my best friend. We celebrate (17yrs) and (15 yrs) as Diabetics…. but who’s counting…

Gorgeous inspirational Ladies

Very touching story congrats.Gods grace be

You are amazing!! My son & I are both type 1 Diabetics as well

Beautiful mom a d daughter pic. My son and I are both T1. His diagnosis has motivated me to get control of my diabetes so I can be an example for him.

How did u lose the weight..sometimes it can be frustrating..I’m good for awhile then I start to eat again..

I’m 38 and was diagnosed at age 29. I’ve always wondered the likelihood that my kiddos be diagnosed. Doctors have always told me I have nothing to worry about. What do you all think?

I also have a 14 year old and endo diagnosed her as type 2 at 11 years old.

Love the healthy competition (pun intended!) Of who’s got the better blood sugars!

Beautiful! I wish I had my mom to do my journey with. She was type 1 and very brittle and passed away at 37 in 1986. I’m a type 2 44 and diagnosed in December.

awwww! I love this! My daughter and I are both T1 too. We call ourselves “Diabuddies” we heard that once ans it stuck! I am so happy to be able to be right by her side and help her with everything. Honestly with her being diagnosed I was able to relearn from my childhood what was told to me which was insane considering all the new stuff. We both wear dexcoms and we also try to have the best morning numbers and the best A1C’s. We have made it fun and with that we cannot complain at all. Best of luck with your weight loss. You gals look fabulous!!!

Great job ladies. I wished I had someone to do this with as it is hard doing it alone. I am Type2 for over 10 years. It has been a struggle but I am doing it. I am down 13+ pounds in 3 months. We have our ups and downs, our highs and lows, our good and bad days. We have days were we struggle and days were make strides. We are champs and we will continue to fight.


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