7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Review

If the statistics by CDC about diabetes are anything to go by then we should be very worried. In the United States alone there are more than 29 million people living with diabetes. In the 29 million, 7 million of them are yet to be diagnosed with the diseases and even more disturbing yet another 57 million is pre-diabetic. It’s no wonder that diabetes ranks as the 7th leading death cause in the US. This epidemic costing the country more than $132 billion each and every year!

Yes, I called diabetes an epidemic. It’s that bad and not only in the US but also abroad. What makes this condition a mystery is due to the fact that little is much known about it both to the medics and patients!

Diabetes starts with no notable symptoms and it’s pain-free. If not detected early in advance the condition gets worse and the body gets weak each and every day. It gets life-threatening thereafter and even hard to manage.

In the early stages of diabetes there usually no symptoms this is the reason why we have millions of people who are pre-diabetic or get to be diagnosed with the disease. This might not always be the case since with time the symptoms start showing. The most unfortunate thing being that by the time the diagnosis is done the condition is usually at a life-threatening stage.

When diabetes reaches stage two and stage five, there are usually severe symptoms and consequences. Examples are permanent vision loss, heart disease, lower limb amputation or even liver dysfunction. Diabetes damage happens slow but severely and that’s why it becomes a major issue if not detected early.

Personally, I was diagnosed with this deadly disease just a few years ago. This hit me as a huge surprise but that was not the only thing that worried me, both my grandfather and uncle all died of diabetes. This made me focus my attention on understanding the disease more and find out a cure that is if there is one.

If by any chance what you seek is an in-depth analysis of the various ways in which you can reverse or cure diabetes then you come to the right place.

Let’s start off by a simple fact, when you have diabetes it’s nearly impossible to lead a normal life. This fact is true but did you know that you can actually increase your chances of reversing diabetes through a simple few steps.

I will walk you through the therapeutic process telling you what is right and what’s not right to do. In this article is the most beneficial 7 steps to health directly from someone who had a firsthand experience. I will also explain to you what it means to be diagnosed with diabetes and in particular type 2.

Today is the day when you learn whether the 7 steps to health are a scam or real. All the benefits and drawbacks shall be discussed here it is!

What you should do as soon as you get diagnosed with diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes either recently or long ago then you there is no shadow of a doubt you have a clue of how troublesome the aftermath is.

Irrespective of whether you only have impaired tolerance to glucose, have high blood glucose levels, have impaired fasting sugar levels or are simply pre-diabetic. There are a thousand reasons for you to get worried.

If you are healthy but simply have a family member who has been diagnosed by the same, don’t take anything lightly.

Just like cancer, after being diagnosed with diabetes virtually everything changes. The transformation is very stressing too many since most people find it hard to cope up with what is required of them. One slight mistake can be life-threatening.

As if that not enough, after being diagnosed with diabetes you are expected to take meds for the rest of your life. Most of these drugs have severe side effects such as lipohypertrophy and hypoglycemia. There are also incidences where the meds lose effectiveness meaning that you are going to require a stronger dose.

No one will explain to you

I doubt if doctors actually explain what causes diabetes in details to the patient. They only do it in a shallow way giving obvious reasons such as genetic issues, failure to exercise and being overweight. Due to the high risk involved most of these doctors will recommend the meds they know rather than what will work effectively. Well, the major reason behind this is that there is no known medical cure and no doctor will admit this. All they want is the chunk of money you have while at the same time protect the medical license assigned to them.

Let me break down this to you. These doctors will make you slaves to meds that you would be required to take for the rest of your life. There is one thing that should be clear to you with such doctors. Their aim is not to treat you, after all when you get cured they get nothing. It’s so unfortunate how trained professionals can turn someone’s condition into an investment to make profits. Or what else could you call lifetime medication?

Are you sure you want this?

If you don’t want to be a slave to medications for the rest of your life then you should seek an alternative approach on how to handle type 2 diabetes. In this article, I’m going to discuss a product that goes by the name “7 steps to Health”.

 What is this thing they call 7 Steps to Health

This is a method that you can adapt and it helps you cure or reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes in a natural way. No medications are involved.

Is it effective? In the review I will highlight everything there is to know about the product and I will let you decide whether it’s effective or not. Just to be clear of things this is the method I used to reverse the effects of diabetes.

Major features of this product

  • Has 540 pages guiding on nutrition and alerts on the dangers that might arise when you take diabetes meds for long.
  • Gives a 30 days diabetes plan
  • Suits both new patients and patients who have lived with diabetes for a long time
  • Guides on the right and wrong foods to eat as a diabetic
  • Has 7 easy steps in which you can reverse diabetes

This book enlightens patients by giving medical statistics on the various things that happen in the diabetes industry but very little to nothing is known about them. I will share with you the disturbing facts on what causes diabetes, how you can improve the conditions and eventually get cured with time.

Well, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about diabetes. The least you can do is getting to differentiate between facts and myths. By so doing you will be in a position to make the right decisions.

Max Sidorov- The Book Author

Max Sidorov who happens to be a fitness trainer and nutritionist is the main author.

For a period not less than 5 years Max traveled all over the globe every time seeking an opinion about diabetes from top-notch medical experts. In his quest for information, Max left no stone unturned. His book has virtually everything you need to know about the diseases form dietary options, rested and approved natural remedies and other alternative ways to reverse the effects of diabetes.

Also being the founder of a website that specializes in getting alternative ways on curing of curing diabetes and reducing insulin resistance. In the website, Max brought together various medical experts by the name Dr. Nezhnyi, Dr. Livna, Dr. Harchenko and Dr. Vito. All these doctors have played a major role in the success of this particular website.

The contents of the book

What you need to know about the industry

The great question is, does the pharmaceutical industry mean well for you in the sense that they want you to get cured or are they just there for dig money from your pockets and make tonnes of profits?

Sit back and relax this is a question we are going to answer together. However, I should warn you that, it’s deeper than you think!

Here is the first thing of which I’m confident you know very little about. When it comes to diabetes did you know that the sponsors and the financial industry in support of the campaign are biased? The reason why the only thing you see published in journals is how as a diabetic you can’t do without the meds is due to the simple fact that they want you to believe so.

Here is the reason for this, the industry makes over 300 billion in dollars each year.

So what actually happens is that people in the pharmaceutical industry collaborate with a top-notch publisher who edits and filter anything that isn’t supporting taking meds for diabetes. Selfish, right!? This explains why there is very little written about alternative ways of curing diabetes. The big corporations work together to kill this voice.

Do you still have the same stand about prescription drugs as a cure for diabetes?

A diabetes plan lasting for 30 days

In the entire book, this is by far the crucial chapter in the book. This chapter highlights the various steps you should take so as to reverse diabetes in a period, not more than 30 days.

It is in this chapter where you shall be guided on the various foods that you should eat and those that you should avoid, ways in which you should prepare your meals, amount of exercise you should take in a day and any other lifestyle change if necessary.

Why proper nutrition is important

The main reason why nutrition is considered a crucial thing when it comes to diabetes is due to the fact that poor nutrition might be the reason why you contracted diabetes in the first place.

This is a fact that most people in the medical fraternity don’t want patients to know. The diet you take is the thin line that determines whether you will contract various types of diseases related to the heart, cancer-related or dementia just to name a few. If you eat healthily you will avoid these complications. This fact is backed up by numerous scientific researches.

In the book, Max has stressed on the need to be strict on your diet. If you eat well then you won’t have to worry about a sudden rise in the blood glucose levels, you will also improve the way your endocrine system works, lower levels of bad cholesterol, normalize your hemoglobin A1 levels and eventually reverse diabetes.

What’s not true about diabetes?

Right now diabetes might be an epidemic not only in the US but to the rest of the world, however, this was not the case a few years ago. The numbers were much lower in the past but they exaggerated it.

If the meds were that effective as advertised then the number ought to reduce but this has not been the case. The author of the e-book unmasks all the scams and how greedy the pharmaceutical industry is and the role they have paid in the growth on the number of people living with diabetes.

Well, I don’t mean that all pharmaceutical corporations are evil and are only after making money. However, quite a significant number of them are that way. The same can be said about doctors. They have just been trained when at medical school the meds to prescribe someone has been diagnosed with diabetes. They have also been trained to believe that diabetes has no known cure rather than meds that you should take for the rest of your life.

Is there an alternative way to cure diabetes?

The truth is, as of the moment there is no known medical or drug that can completely cure diabetes.

When you take the meds they will only reduce the adverse effects and symptoms of diabetes. This will make you feel somewhat better but it will only be for a while since after a while the symptoms will kick in yet again. Meaning that you have to take the meds prescribed meds for the rest of your life.

In the medical world, it is illegal to even mention anything about natural cures. Doctors are trained to believe that its only meds that can make someone feel better.

In the 7 steps to health e-book, you will get every information on the various ways in which you can cure diabetes naturally. There is very little written about these methods and I have discussed above in details why this is the case.

The alternative way

If you want to get better gather all the information there is about the disease. In this case, if you want to know whether there is an alternative way to cure diabetes the only place you can get such kind of information is on books. Most of the things written online are corrupted and can’t be trusted.

The book by Max Sidorov is more of a comprehensive guide that contains more than 500 pages. In the book are scientific facts, ways to manage insulin and glucose levels. Everything is done all naturally. In other words, this is the alternative method you have been seeking.

How to go about it

Here is a way in which you can completely cure diabetes.

The 7 steps to Health

The information on this particular E-book gets updated every now and then to incorporate new scientific findings. Every brain that has helped in compiling the E-book has a better understanding of diabetes as a condition than most doctors. Every method highlighted has been tested and its inclusion only means that it works.

Unlike most products which fail to deliver, the 7 steps to health always deliver its promises. However, there should be a dedication and willingness to be guided on your side.

Natural solutions

The main reason why most people these days don’t want the medical option is the fact that they are to take meds for the rest of their lives and for those with insulin deficiency take insulin shots. The meds are only a short-term solution. In the long run, they shall become less effective.

As you shall get to see the 7 steps to health gets into the root of the problem and not only treats the symptoms of diabetes. And, everything in the E-book is all natural, this means that you want your body with chemicals and all the methods are implemented at the comfort of your home.

A bonus you didn’t expect

If you follow the steps wholeheartedly the, least assured that with time you shall reverse type 2 diabetes. That’s not all, as an additional benefit you shall also develop a healthier metabolism system and in the process reduce to nearly zero any chance of getting any other chronic diseases.

Some of the diseases that you shall avoid include cancer, chronic inflammation, stroke, nephropathy, dementia, Alzheimer’s and retinopathy just to name a few.

Easy access

Unlike other products which you have to wait for them to be delivered on your doorsteps, with 7 steps to health once your payment is processed you will get access to the product immediately.

I can assure you that this is a real deal and there is no better way to get started than having the 540 pages E-book downloaded on your Smartphone, computer or tablet.

Guarantees a complete refund

There is no risk involved when you purchase the 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie. This is due to the fact that, if by any chance you would like a refund, you can get it within 60 days. That is if you give a legit reason why you would like to be refunded.

I know for a fact that it’s very stressing to handle and treat diabetes. Give this product a trial guaranteed that it will not disappoint.

Easy to navigate

Unlike other guides, this particular one is not complicated. They are clear on everything including what would be required of you. There will be no need for a dictionary since everything is clear and easy to understand.

Everything works

This guide is not trial an error. Diabetes on its own is disturbing enough and gives no room for mistakes. The brains behind 7 Steps to Health are aware of all these and that’s why they came up with a product that based on facts and not guesswork.

Once you get the product there will be nothing for you to guess. Everything is laid out clearly and hence the slogan clarity and simplicity.

You will be enlightened about everything you need to know about diabetes including the details that the medical fraternity has worked so hard to hide. If you implement the guides into your life everything will start falling in place. There will be no need for insulin shots and eventually you shall be cured of diabetes.

Cons of the 7 Steps to Health

Let me make this clear right at the beginning. It’s not going to work like magic. There are changes that you must implement in your life for this guide to work. Failure to do so, this product won’t provide a short-term nor long-term solution for your diabetes!

The response time to the guide varies. In some people, it’s going to respond fast whereas in others it will take time. Irrespective of all these ensure that you stay focus and dedication to the course.


The 7 Steps to Health guide gets into the root cause of the problem understanding categorically how living with type 2-diabetes can make someone feel so helpless. Most people who have used the product have actually confessed that it actually works. Get this product today least assured that it isn’t a scam.


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