Why is diabetes considered a disability

I have, what some may considered a stupid question. Why is diabetes considered a disability? I get asked if I have a disability on many job applications and I choose not to answer but I never really considered it a disability myself. Any ideas?

Fiona Lynn A disability is a long term condition that can cause restriction to day to day living. So I suppose taking into account the chronic nature of diabetes, it’s management and some of the effects is causes, it could (probably is) considered a disability. Depends your outlook and how you live with it as to whether you want to class it as a disability for you or not.

Sarah White Fiona Lynn so I may not consider it a disability but the government and any future employer might huh? So it’s not really a black and white answer but totally in the grey. Interesting.

Fiona Lynn Sarah White I don’t class myself as being disabled, however, medically, I would think it probably is as it’s a long term chronic condition, therefore, as such your employer should make reasonable adjustments to allow you to ‘look after yourself’. (I’m in the UK btw). There was a woman on here (I’m sure) saying she had never declared diabetes formally to HR/employer, as they all knew and worked with her as/when she needed to manage symptoms. Something happened and new management were introduced and it all kicked off as her diabetes was never formally recorded in HR – this was in the US. Certainly when it comes to life insurance over here it’s classed as a disability/condition. I’m with you, it’s not a straight forward black / white answer xx

Theresa Flaherty It qualifies as a disability so that, should you need some sort or accommodation for it, you’ll get it/ be protected ( in theory), like checking sugar. I wouldn’t check it in employment apps or anything. I don’t think that’s what they are asking for.

Julia Robertson I know what you
I crossed out disability & put health issue
Then explained.
I am type 2 insulin dependant.
Control; good / bad.

Sarah Mae Type 1 diabetes is considered a disability under the ADA and I have no problem exploiting that. It also qualifies me for fmla which I find necessary to use as when I get sick/have days where diabetes makes me sick I tend to stay sicker for longer and this allows me to keep my job

John Spatafora The potential employer is trying to find out if they need to make any special accommodations as a condition for your employment. Example: If you say you are a diabetic and need regular snack breaks and time to test your blood sugar. If you claim disability as such and you are employed they cannot fire you for the same. On the other hand, if you do not and they find that this time interferes with you day to day duties you can be fired.

Cheryl Beers John Spatafora, employers have to comply with employees special needs if they have a disability, especially if they’re in a union. If you have a problem whether you’re union or not, if the employer doesn’t want to accommodate, they’re in violation of the American Disabilities Act. You’re right John, an employer can try to make things difficult or even try to fire you but that’s why the ADA is in place.

Lisa Byrd Cheryl Beers however in order to be protected as John said, ypu have to declare it. If you dont then you cannot be protected.

Lori Hale Life ins considers it a disability if u dont control it over 2 yrs..so yes it is for claims…but with every disability there is perspective…T2D is a dietary disease..so really its up to u how u run your life and your risks…me personally…its not going to define me

Leta Barton Stewart I hear all the “gray” issues. I guess each person must make his or her decision. I worked successfully with it until I retired. I rebelled horribly from age 14 (when I was diagnosed) until age 22. I have had an A1C under 7.0 since this type testing was first available. My last 2 A1C’s were 5.8 and 5.7. I am not at my perfect weight; this has been a struggle since I had to start injections in 1970. I wish I were more physically fit. I do do have a very busy lifestyle.

Leta Barton Stewart ? What is funny? Certainly my A1C was off the charts the first 8 years when this type testing was not available.

Kathleen Tapocik Fowler I feel that diabetes does not define me but adding it as a disability might cover me if I need to test or eat or if I get sick.

Michael Worrell Type 1 is considered a disability under the Rehabilitation Act because it significantly affects one or more major life functions. Specifically, it significantly affects the major life function of eating because we have to test our BG before eating, take medication before eating, sometimes delay eating if BG is too high, and sometimes eat when we wouldn’t otherwise do so because BG is too low.

These are affects on eating (a major life function) as a result of type 1 diabetes. A non-diabetic does not have these same affects on eating.

I point you to the decision issued by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Branham v. Snow for a more thorough legal interpretation of why type 1 diabetes is considered a disability under the Rehabilitation Act.

Type 2 – it may not be… depends on how it affects the specific patient.

Allison Gavin Brinkley You don’t have to utilize accomodations just because the law defines you as having a disability.

But the laws exist just in case someone with diabetes needs them for a legitimate reason. Everyone and every workplace is different.

Elaine Shillcock In the UK a disability is legally defined as a long term condition that has more than a minor impact on normal day to day activities, crucially disregarding any medication. So imagine the effect if you took no medication, if the impact is more than minor or trivial and will last 12 months or more or for the rest of your life, then it is classed as a disability.

Shara Threadgill When my endo wanted me to come in every six weeks, she wouldn’t sign FMLA papers so that I would not be penalized at work. She was all “you are just type 2”. SoI had to choose between my health and my job. Which at the time, were hard to come by.

Judy Simpson Koerth It doesn’t seem like one Depending on how much you are impacted by it. Some folks have lost their vision, or had a foot amputated, or have failing kidneys. If you are otherwise healthy then you blessed and don’t think of it as a disability.

Tom Stuve Are there not days your Diabetes can effect your performance on the job , in a way that others don’t have to even consider dealing with ? For that reason after dealing with type 1 for 38 years I consider it just that at times . Still though, employers don’t understand the hardships of dealing with it 24/7 so would probably not agree , for that reason I never list my diabetes as a disability . Also, embracing that mindset is not healthy mentally or emotionally, because some days with managing this disease are good , some not so much.

Jody Frahm Our body does not produce a hormone that we need to digest our food. So we cannot eat on our own without the help of a drug. That is a disability. You can, on some health care plans, can get a reduced health insurance rates if you are living with a disability. Your employer also gets a small discount for having disabled workers. At least in the US.

Abigail Rivera Hypos and hypers are covered by ADA because in that state we are temporarily disabled. Imagine also if you had a low and were not allowed to have a snack or your glucose tablets, etc. Or your sugar was very high and you were not allowed a break to take insulin. Most people have common sense but all it takes is that one person that doesn’t to make it an issue.

For me it was that one professor who didn’t understand how I couldn’t do a quiz because my sugar dropped, 4 years of college at it was only that one time with that one teacher to show me why the disability office had to be involved. Either way I’m glad they were there for me. They proctored all my exams after that where I was allowed breaks and time and a half.

Lisa Byrd Has an HR professional, an autoimmune disease is classified as a disability. The reason is, because if you get sick it takes longer for to heal. If there are complications then it could be life threatening. There are a lot of things that we cannot fight off, that thiuse without compromised immune systems can. Therefore, if we declare we have a disability it allows the company to make reasonable accommodations as needed to save our jobs. I have declared mine. I dont use my accommodations at this time, but if I ever need them they are there.

Cheryl Beers Lisa Byrd, after being a union representative, I was promoted to management in payroll for a very large corporation…and they made accommodations for me when I needed.

Mark Schweim I worked for a Chicken Processing plant in Enterprise Alabama that was ConAgra Poultry Processing when I started working there and was Pilgrim’s Pride Poultry Processing when I “left” in 2012. As long as the plant was a ConAgra company, they were VERY accommodating towards me and my diabetes, but after Pilgrim’s Pride bought out ConAgra’s Poultry Processing division and the plant I worked at, they “let me go” FOUR TIMES, each time claiming “We are NOT letting you go in any act of employment discrimination, it’s just that because you need to use Insulin to control your Diabetes, you should have never been allowed to be hired to perform the job you’ve been doing for us in the first place!!!”

The first three times they did that, getting the EEOC involved in fighting my case against the plant got my employment and job title/pay restored, but the last time the Hospital Blood tests showed that Ketones in my blood caused Acetone in my breath resulting in FALSE POSITIVE Breathalyzer test results causing me to get fired for having been “under the influence of alcohol while on duty” and although EEOC again ruled in MY FAVOR, that time Pilgrim’s Pride decided that they’d pay the FOURTH FINE issued them because of their actions against me, but they now had nearly $4 million reasons to not let me return to the company. EEOC told me they had doubled the fines each time and the processing plant, when they said they wouldn’t let me return, told me my getting EEOC involved each time had already prven that I wouldn’t roll over and take it and since I’d already cost the plant over $3.5 million in fines, there was “no way in hell” that they’d let me return working for them.

Mark Schweim Lisa Byrd things would be looking even better for me if housing costs were low enough around the Mankato MN area that I could afford to live by myself instead of having had to move back in with my parents to get housing I can afford while getting over$20/hr. Where I was living in Alabama I was able to afford to live by myself while getting paid less than $10/hr.

Mark Schweim Based on my experience, I’d recommend that if you have any type of Diabetes, your best employment opportunities even if there is a Pilgrim’s Pride location within walking distance of your home would be any place OTHER THAN PILGRIM’S PRIDE!!!

The Enterprise Wayne Farms poultry processing plant told me when I applied there, “we want to get you working with us, but it appears that Pilgrim’s Pride managed to get your name blacklisted for employment with any meat processing companies within the Southern Alabama and Panhandle Florida areas.”

So when I am working people keep bring food to nurses

So when I am working people keep bring food to nurses. Friday we had a party, yesterday someone brought hotdogs and potato chips. I have broken my diet. Friday it started with Tiramisu. Yesterday started with potato chips, hot dogs, ice cream and end up with Chinese food. I am at work and looks like I am on buffet restaurant. I gained 3lbs and don’t know what to do any more. Anybody has any tips for me? I need help!!!

Shana Smith I’m an emotional eater and I too sometimes fall off the wagon. I miss mac and cheese and ginger ale and sweets so much. If do wrong after a few hours I check my blood sugar and that pops me back into reality mood. It helps hold me accountable. I don’t like to see bad numbers more than I miss those foods.

Raquel Escudero Cooley Shana Smith I have a tendency not to check blood sugar when I have eaten too much. If I start checking that would be a reality check for the thing I can indulge in and time appropriate.

Yolanda R. Castillo-Newsome Always try to remember that people don’t have a clue unless they are in your shoes. A simple, “No thanks, I’m diabetic!”. Maybe even print out a list of foods you CAN have a in big bold print put… “Things acceptible for Diabetics 😊” even though you are a nurse, never expect ppl to know unless they are informed.

Adeb Tucson Hot dogs no bun, mustard only. Chinese small portion rice/noodles, more meat/ veggies. Try for less sauce. Works for me

Annette Sanabria-Archilla get moon cheese or whisps. If you have a fridge there have guac, cheese sticks, chaffles, make your own nutella to eat with chaffles, boiles eggs, nuts, even some heavy whipping cream in a mason jar for your coffee. I know we all have our moments but we have think beyond that, what do we want to achieve. Im 50 with a 20 years old daughter and a 19 years old son. I would like to be here for them, to have grandkids and to sleep well, feel better. What do you want?

Lori Hale Well me personally we have food at work all the time…like pizza..donuts..etc..either say no to yourself or eat some like dog w/o bun or sm portion chinese…telling them your diabetic and lists? Ok…most ppl care less..You have to learn to eat the diabetic way for the rest of your life…so bring your OWN FOOD..SKIP IT…OR EAT IT…just compensate that as a high carb lunch and basically eat nuthin for dinner..like OMAD on Intermittent fasting…life happens! Good luck..it sux but until you learn to handle those situations..in my opinion…it will keep happening..ex: im sick today im not counting every little carb when my body wants what it wants…just KEEP GOING

Alberto Jalalon If you can’t avoid to partake take just a little bit a nimble and eat the food you have brought from home. Let them know also your condition. They will understand and hopefully bring more healthy food next time like fruits and vegetables. Partly it’s education.le5 them know and also the risk for them and those close to them. Nothing judgemental just a telling of facts. Good luck to you

Kawashima Marie Bring your own meals or make them healthier by substituting the ingredient that what I do when we have potluck and i try to stay away from the room that has unhealthy food

Paul J Berberich Sr. Just say no (thank you). I’m diabetic.
No ones going to be offended if you’re honest and give the same answer every time.
Conversely, bring in snacks you can eat and I’ll bet everyone else appreciates them.

Mohammad Khan Simply do not eat it and tell them sorry u can not have it . As u have diabetes

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Bring your own food. Avoid where the foods are.

I know the temptation. I work McDonald’s. Yup, surrounded by junk foods. Not saying I always avoid the foods. I do pick and choose though. Sometimes I allow some slip. Half a chocolate chip cookie on Saturday. And as I do have a binge eating problem, sometimes I go crazy. Especially as my job is high stress. More than once I have left in tears and I am usually pretty tough. Anyway, more success than failures. So keep trying, keep pushing forward.

Judy Baker It’s really tough to be around all that food. I agree w those who suggest having substitutes that you can eat that are tasty!!

Lynda L O’Brien-Dennehy I bring lunch and avoid everything – I worked where every Tues & Thurs breakfast brought in – donuts bagels, etc I just did not partake! Bring a salad or a protein shake for lunch. When they have post lucks or pizza for lunch I would each salad – I do not eat Gluten or dairy – really it is just control.

Brian Donovan Such a hard thing but I’ve learned to say no most of the time. I bring my lunch and eat with colleagues but know that I’ll feel like crap in the moment and will be battling the blood sugar roller coaster all day. That powers better choices. I feel your pain!

Diane Pezza Imagine that someone with a virulent CDiff infection used the restroom, did not wash their hands and touched everything. Practice walking in and out of the break room without touching a thing. Practice Practice. Reward yourself. Unhealthy foods in a high stress environment is sooo challenging! I also cover it with foil so I don t have to look at it

Jacqueline Beth Marrolli Portion sizes. No one will laugh at you if you are picky. If they r curious, they will ask. Then you can educate them. It may help someone else out one day.

Martin Stolz LoseIt app. The act of recording what I eat helps me stay on track. It also helps calculate carbs and bolusing, which is the real reason I use it.

Rosemary Mertens I would look at the junk food and what many of the people look like who are eating it and think to myself how bad that food is for all of us. Bagels, donuts, other sweets I would turn my nose up. Nope, say to myself, “I don’t eat that crap”! Bring hard cheese, nuts and locarb Greek yogurt with you. Better to overindulge on those things, I think. There is no benefit from food that will make you hungry cause it doesn’t stick with you. Once in a while you have to let loose. Probably not every day

I’m so confused my afternoon blood glocose was 6.4mmoll

I’m so confused my afternoon blood glocose was 6.4mmoll I ran a 10km distance i had my dinner(beans soup and 4slice of brown bread) an hour after eating my blood glucose went up to 9.2mmol 😢😢 what did I do rong people

Laura Virginia Bierema I would guess 4 slices of bread

Renee Beard It’s normal for your level to rise after exercise…you may be low in a couple of hours

Keeley Sample 4 slices of brown bread!? Oh no. Too much. And yes it is normal to have sugars rise after exercising.

Nasim Islam some salad and 2 slice of bread . more fiber and low carb.

Brij Mohan Singh Try to walk atleast 5000 steps after a heavy meal. It will stimulate the pancreas to release the insulin properly, also don’t lay down after having meal. Try to take a bowl of salad before a proper meal and avoid the bread, which contain gluten. One more important thing. Just just leave to think about every time about the diabetes and the readings of glucose meter, think positive and keep mind positive, it will help you to achieve the best results.

Ye Boyang Exercise can cause blood sugar to rise, and many people do.

Christina Jordan It’s normal for to raise. But the beans and bread r all carbs. That will really raise ur sugar And to much bread. Watch how much u eat bread. Watch ur carb intake

Abhilash Shah Bread has lots of calories it take 6 hrs for a slice of bread to get digest so if you have 4 slice it is going to take 6*4 hours to get digest

ThankGod Okoye If the brown bread is not wheat bread then switch to wheat bread and be advised your sugar level rises after eating, checking should be done 2hrs after eating or fasting blood sugar more accurate.

Brooke Nance Exercise will temporarily raise your glucose and you should check your glucose 2hours after eating.

Farzaneh Ezaz You should ck exactly two hours after eating.

Anjum Amin Rather than taking 4 bread slices It’s sometimes better to add a couple of table spoons of barley oats in your soup and let lt simmer for a while so that the oats are fully cooked. It is filling and is quick to digest.

Francis D’silva you should check postprandial glucose after 2 hours post meal.

I was just diagnosed with diabetes on yesterday

I was just diagnosed with diabetes on yesterday. I’m 35. My numbers have been running 140-150. They gave me a number of 6.5 as well. I’m very ignorant about all of this. Went to the pharmacy to get metformin 500mg yesterday and when it came time to pick out a glucometer I feel apart and cried. I don’t know what meter to pick. I don’t want to press the button to stick my finger. It hurts a lot to me and my fingers don’t give a lot of blood. I’m a complete mess. Is there a machine that I can put my finger on and stick it in and it sticks me automatically?

Skip Loebig Reli-on makes a nice glucometer and finger lancets.

Angela Clark

Hi. Okay, I’m new to this since 4/2019. Please try to take one day at a time.

Just when I think I’ve figured it out, my body reminds me that I do not!

Anyway, I’ve tried two meters and I really like the OneTouch meter.

Jered Birkbeck

It’s not a fun disease but you adjust and get used to it. There probably is something out there for finger sticks like you are talking about but I haven’t seen one so I am no help on that. Stay strong. Ask lots of questions. This board is great for info. Lots of long time diabetics on this board! Good luck to you

Katlyn Stidd

I use reli on from Walmart very well priced … it’s ok to cry and to be upset give your self a couple days to be sad and then accept and conquer!

Shana Smith

Thank you all so much. I’m an emotional mess. Crying again as I read these comments. Smh. I’m going to research all of the ones you all suggest. I. Just don’t want to press that darn button. Have no problem with other folks sticking me though.

Susan Blythe

Unfortunately you will always need to check your BS.
To have to do this less your doctor can get you to use a Dexcom or a Libra so you don’t have to stick your finger as often. No one likes it but you will adjust
Hang it there.
I have been diabetic sense 1966 . I was 15 years old. Almost 68 now.

Sarah White

Deep breath! When you go to prick your fingers make sure your setting isn’t too high. I have mine set at 2. Warm hands give more blood. Don’t do the tip of your finger but rather the side. See if you can go get into a diabetic class. I know you’re feeling overwhelmed right now. It’ll get easier. You’ll always have good and bad days but you’ve got this. *hugs from Colorado *


J Hare Don’t feel bad I didn’t want to stick my finger neither. I got infection when I was told I was diabetic 1, had Dka- I look at this way right know I have to do it to save my life. To keep me in check. I hate the needles but right know that’s what I have to do

Amy Clements

Weiderer There are pointers to sticking your finger! Not on the pad in the center. I kind of use a finger tip polish on the slider if another fingertip to create a fuller and firmer area to get the specimen. You get the sample from the area between the side and the fingertip center. Be sure you don’t put the device on deep puncture! Start on the light setting and move up until you find what works for you!
If you can’t bleed enough, the are points for that too! You will learn when to test. Stress makes your glucose higher, so relax! You’ve got this! You are NOT alone!

Jill Galka Dipple

I was so scared to prick my finger but after you do it a few times, you’ll be a pro!!
I have been a diabetic for 50 years so take it from me, take care of yourself!! Good luck!!

Sheri Shade Jones

Hi Shana. You will be able to do this, we’ve got you back. One day at a time. I’m a nurse case manager and also a diabetic for three years now. Make sure you check and see if a certain meter(s) are covered by you insurance as strips can be expensive. I use the One Touch Verio which was given to me by the diabetic educator and strips are cheap. I also have the Dario to use with my phone. I love the Dario and easy to take with me. Is there a family member that can poke your finger for you until you can get use to doing it yourself? And yes, warm fingers work better and don’t press too hard. and use the side of the finger. Go slow on making changes so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Tracy Pridemore

– Wilson Some of those little finger jabbers seem to have a tighter spring than others. So try several.
But if you really want to make things better on yourself buy a Genteel. It let’s you take blood from anywhere on your body so you can really spread it around and use areas that are less tender.
You got this!!!

Karen Gurney

I like the Accu-Check FastClix Lancing device. It’s the absolute most comfortable I’ve used. It fits in a regular testing kit. It takes its own unique Lancet cartridge, but each cartridge contai,s 6 lancets. You can get the device on Amazon for $12.00 and a box of tbe Lancet cartridges (200) for $12.00 (So that’s 1200 uses). All things considered, it’s very affordable.

Patricia Frantz

Accu check Auto clix will help. Sides of fingers, wash hands, don’t use alcohol wipes. Check out the book by Adam Brown called Brightspots and Landmines. It will help a lot. This site your on has a lot of info, check out American Diabetes Association online. It’s overwhelming, take one day at a time, try to walk some each day. Good news is an A1c of 6.5 isn’t all that bad. You can do this, we are all here to help.

Jeanni Day Dancy

I use the Delica lancet device. Tiiiny lancets. And you can dial how deep it goes. I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I went through an emotional adjustment period. I think we all do. But it really does become easier. This site is GREAT. Lots of really good info archived. It’s funny tho: show me 10 diabetics and I’ll show you 10 different meal plans, 10 different meters, 10 different meds…lol. Try to find a nurse or nutritionist that specializes in diabetes education. Your insurance website is actually a good resource. Most of them have programs for people with chronic diseases where a nurse or pharmacist will contact you periodically to offer help, see if you have questions, give you tips, etc. The ins company saves money if you stay healthy so they’re motivated to help you.

JR Miller

Keep your head up and prayers for you lifted up! Seek out your primary care doctor and nutrition is key.

***Mommy and Daughter*** both Type 1 diabetics

***Mommy and Daughter*** both Type 1 diabetics.
None of us sign up for this.. but I will say if it was a choice I would in a heart beat, to feel what my daughter goes thru daily. I’m 42yrs old , Mikala now 22yrs old, she was diagnosed at 7 yrs old. I had to keep positive about Diabetes, I had to set the example for her.. I made it fun competition on who had better blood sugars throughout the day.
We make the best of what we are given, we do everything together.
In July we decided we both needed to drop weight, Mikala is down 19 pounds, Me 14 pounds so far.
I couldn’t imagine living with diabetes without my best friend. We celebrate (17yrs) and (15 yrs) as Diabetics…. but who’s counting…

Gorgeous inspirational Ladies

Very touching story congrats.Gods grace be

You are amazing!! My son & I are both type 1 Diabetics as well

Beautiful mom a d daughter pic. My son and I are both T1. His diagnosis has motivated me to get control of my diabetes so I can be an example for him.

How did u lose the weight..sometimes it can be frustrating..I’m good for awhile then I start to eat again..

I’m 38 and was diagnosed at age 29. I’ve always wondered the likelihood that my kiddos be diagnosed. Doctors have always told me I have nothing to worry about. What do you all think?

I also have a 14 year old and endo diagnosed her as type 2 at 11 years old.

Love the healthy competition (pun intended!) Of who’s got the better blood sugars!

Beautiful! I wish I had my mom to do my journey with. She was type 1 and very brittle and passed away at 37 in 1986. I’m a type 2 44 and diagnosed in December.

awwww! I love this! My daughter and I are both T1 too. We call ourselves “Diabuddies” we heard that once ans it stuck! I am so happy to be able to be right by her side and help her with everything. Honestly with her being diagnosed I was able to relearn from my childhood what was told to me which was insane considering all the new stuff. We both wear dexcoms and we also try to have the best morning numbers and the best A1C’s. We have made it fun and with that we cannot complain at all. Best of luck with your weight loss. You gals look fabulous!!!

Great job ladies. I wished I had someone to do this with as it is hard doing it alone. I am Type2 for over 10 years. It has been a struggle but I am doing it. I am down 13+ pounds in 3 months. We have our ups and downs, our highs and lows, our good and bad days. We have days were we struggle and days were make strides. We are champs and we will continue to fight.


Hi I really need help on a good list of veggies to eat raw and cooked of course no carbs?

Hi I really need help on a good list of veggies to eat raw and cooked of course no carbs?

Sandra Fingerut

Radishes are good and I guess you can cook them and they taste like potatoes but I have not tried that yet. Look up how to cook them because I don’t think you want to boil them but rather saute.

Zucchini and yellow squash I’m digging lately, a little olive oil and s&p, delicious!
Broccoli is so good so many ways
Celery with peanut butter. I learned at 39 that you can “shave” the really tough part off the out side of celery….. So much easier to eat
Salad of course
Some say no to carrots, but I eat baby carrots, in moderation
Green beans

Earl Studivan

Zucchini noodles with spinach, onions, garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and Red Pepper Flakes.

Vietnamese Spicy Cucumbers or similar type things – multiple options on internet.

Carrots with cream cheese for a snack

Salad eat…

Marshall Hungness

I have replaced chips with raw green beans. They’re crunchy and taste great with anything you’d normally have with chips.

Maiitsoh Melanie

Hey! I’m sure you know this but felt like I should share just in case since we need to all look out for one and other. All veggies have some carbs (other than cucumbers and lettuce). Probably you meant recipes with no extra carb ingredients?

Stephenie Tucker

Asparagus. I eat it straight out of my garden. I bet the store-bought kind is good too, just cut off the dried out end.