can diabetics eat pizza

 There are many causes of diabetes, and our poor diet is also a major factor in the emergence of diabetes, so it is clear that the need to match the diet for diabetes, so whether we can start with the diet to have the benefits of medical care and treatment of diabetics? The answer is no doubt if we follow certain dietary standards, then the onset of diabetes will not be easy to appear.

Can diabetics eat pizza?

Diabetic patients should pay close attention to their own diet, diabetic patients must strictly control the total calorie content of each meal, and diabetic diet should be nutritious and light to taste.
Pizza (Pizza) also translated as pizza, pizza, is a kind of food that originated in Spain, quite popular in the world. The general method of pizza is to use a mellow round chaos crust covered with tomato sauce, cheese, and other seasonings, and baked by the grill. The cheese is usually mozzarella, but there are also several types of cheese used interchangeably, including Parmesan, romano, ricotta, or Monterey Jack.
1. Nutritious
Pizza is made from a variety of ingredients, including meat, vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates, which can provide the body with a vari

ety of nutrients.
2. Promote bowel movement
The meat, vegetables and fruits in the pizza have methylcellulose, which can promote the body’s intestinal peristalsis and digestion after consumption.
3. Supplement protein
The whole process of pizza making will add buttermilk, cream cheese and other food, protein content is rich and colorful, can immediately replenish the body’s needs for protein.

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Eating method

Take immediately: pizza can be taken immediately, as the main meal or English afternoon tea, delicious and nutritious ingredients.
As a breakfast snack: pizza can be made into a small pizza with toast and bread, with a smaller portion than normal pizza, with a glass of fruit and vegetable juice, is a good choice for breakfast.
The pizza edge yellow takes: some pizza has a very thick edge, eat up the taste of hard, at this moment can put it in the soup soak, the taste will be softer, and can digest and absorb the thick mellow juice.
The above-mentioned pizza has colorful nutrients, pizza is very delicious food, suffered the warm welcome of everyone, diabetic patients can eat some pizza, but not too sweet and too salty!

Pizza Recipes



High gluten flour 120g

Low gluten flour 50g

Water 95g

Yeast 2g

Salt 2g

Fine sugar 5g

Olive oil 10g

Pizza sauce.

Small tomatoes 250g

Onion 70g

Garlic 1 head

Butter 18g

Salt 2g

Dried Italian herbs 1g

Pizza toppings.

Portobello mushrooms 7 pcs

Prawns 8 pieces

Bacon and pizza rice sausage A few slices

1 green pepper

A few onions

Mozzarella cheese moderate amount

(If you put a little pineapple will be better, more layers of flavor)

How to make pizza

Step 1: Prepare the above ingredients pizza practice

Step 2: First prepare the pizza sauce.

Now buy large tomatoes are not much flavor, so the use of small tomatoes, with canned tomatoes will be more flavorful.

Step 4: Practice.

Wash the tomatoes and cross-cut them, put them in boiling water and then take them out and put them in cool water to peel off the skin pizza practice

Step 5

Use a potato masher tool to crush, use a spatula to press can also be pizza practice

Melt the butter in a pan over low heat.

Add garlic and chopped onion pizza Step 6

Sauté the pizza step 7

Add the tomato paste to the pizza step 8

Add dry herbs to pizza Step 9

Add salt and dried herbs to the pizza Step 10

Sauté until dry and little water can be formed into a ball, the pizza sauce should be fried dry, or baked when the water will come out.

Pizza practice Step 11

Prepare the above ingredients: pizza practice Step 12

Prepare bacon and rice sausage pizza practice Step 13

Sliced and fried mushrooms

Step 14

Peppers and onions also slightly fried, do not have to fry for a long time, just to remove part of the water, fried when a little oil, no salt. Bacon cut into small slices, shrimp and sausage slices

also take out all ready. The pizza practice Step 15

Pan-fried mushroom pizza method Step 16

The amount of sauce can spread two pizzas.


After the sauce is ready, knead the dough.

Put all the ingredients in the dough together into a smooth dough, pizza dough does not have to knead the film like bread. Knead when the water try to add, according to their own flour absorbency to adjust the amount of water, to knead the dough soft and not sticky hands prevail.

The pizza practice Step 17

Knead the dough covered with plastic wrap fermentation until 2 times larger, I am put in the oven to open the fermentation function 28 degrees hair an hour.

The pizza practice Step 18

After the ingredients are ready for the final step.

The dough fermentation good pizza practice Step 19

Remove the flattened covered with plastic wrap to relax for 10 minutes pizza practice Step 20

Meanwhile, put the pizza baking stone in the middle of the oven and preheat the pizza at 230 degrees.

Roll out the dough into a 25-28cm diameter pizza.

Step 22

Transfer to greaseproof paper, move over the pastry if deformed, then run your hands, use a fork

to poke holes in the pastry pizza method Step 23

Spread a layer of pizza sauce pizza practice Step 24

Spread the pizza sauce evenly Step 25

Sprinkle some cheese on the pizza step 26

Put the ingredients on the pizza step 27

Sprinkle the pizza with cheese Step 28

When ready, drag the pizza onto a cutting board and bake in a fully preheated oven at 230 degrees for 15 minutes, being careful not to burn it when you put it in the oven, you can drag the

greaseproof paper onto the slab. How to make pizza Step 29

Then, eat it while it’s hot! The pizza method Step 30

The pizza is particularly casual, you can put any ingredients you like, the premise is to deal with first, fried or baked, or baked water, the filling and pie will be separated, the taste is not good, I used the mozzarella called Myco Blue Duo. The practice of pizza Step 31

No pizza slab can be used cast iron seafood pan, ordinary baking pan can also be, are put into the oven in advance to preheat. How to make pizza Step 32

How to make a finished pizza Step 33

After cutting

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