So when I am working people keep bring food to nurses

So when I am working people keep bring food to nurses. Friday we had a party, yesterday someone brought hotdogs and potato chips. I have broken my diet. Friday it started with Tiramisu. Yesterday started with potato chips, hot dogs, ice cream and end up with Chinese food. I am at work and looks like I am on buffet restaurant. I gained 3lbs and don’t know what to do any more. Anybody has any tips for me? I need help!!!

Shana Smith I’m an emotional eater and I too sometimes fall off the wagon. I miss mac and cheese and ginger ale and sweets so much. If do wrong after a few hours I check my blood sugar and that pops me back into reality mood. It helps hold me accountable. I don’t like to see bad numbers more than I miss those foods.

Raquel Escudero Cooley Shana Smith I have a tendency not to check blood sugar when I have eaten too much. If I start checking that would be a reality check for the thing I can indulge in and time appropriate.

Yolanda R. Castillo-Newsome Always try to remember that people don’t have a clue unless they are in your shoes. A simple, “No thanks, I’m diabetic!”. Maybe even print out a list of foods you CAN have a in big bold print put… “Things acceptible for Diabetics 😊” even though you are a nurse, never expect ppl to know unless they are informed.

Adeb Tucson Hot dogs no bun, mustard only. Chinese small portion rice/noodles, more meat/ veggies. Try for less sauce. Works for me

Annette Sanabria-Archilla get moon cheese or whisps. If you have a fridge there have guac, cheese sticks, chaffles, make your own nutella to eat with chaffles, boiles eggs, nuts, even some heavy whipping cream in a mason jar for your coffee. I know we all have our moments but we have think beyond that, what do we want to achieve. Im 50 with a 20 years old daughter and a 19 years old son. I would like to be here for them, to have grandkids and to sleep well, feel better. What do you want?

Lori Hale Well me personally we have food at work all the time…like pizza..donuts..etc..either say no to yourself or eat some like dog w/o bun or sm portion chinese…telling them your diabetic and lists? Ok…most ppl care less..You have to learn to eat the diabetic way for the rest of your life…so bring your OWN FOOD..SKIP IT…OR EAT IT…just compensate that as a high carb lunch and basically eat nuthin for OMAD on Intermittent fasting…life happens! Good sux but until you learn to handle those my opinion…it will keep happening..ex: im sick today im not counting every little carb when my body wants what it wants…just KEEP GOING

Alberto Jalalon If you can’t avoid to partake take just a little bit a nimble and eat the food you have brought from home. Let them know also your condition. They will understand and hopefully bring more healthy food next time like fruits and vegetables. Partly it’s education.le5 them know and also the risk for them and those close to them. Nothing judgemental just a telling of facts. Good luck to you

Kawashima Marie Bring your own meals or make them healthier by substituting the ingredient that what I do when we have potluck and i try to stay away from the room that has unhealthy food

Paul J Berberich Sr. Just say no (thank you). I’m diabetic.
No ones going to be offended if you’re honest and give the same answer every time.
Conversely, bring in snacks you can eat and I’ll bet everyone else appreciates them.

Mohammad Khan Simply do not eat it and tell them sorry u can not have it . As u have diabetes

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Bring your own food. Avoid where the foods are.

I know the temptation. I work McDonald’s. Yup, surrounded by junk foods. Not saying I always avoid the foods. I do pick and choose though. Sometimes I allow some slip. Half a chocolate chip cookie on Saturday. And as I do have a binge eating problem, sometimes I go crazy. Especially as my job is high stress. More than once I have left in tears and I am usually pretty tough. Anyway, more success than failures. So keep trying, keep pushing forward.

Judy Baker It’s really tough to be around all that food. I agree w those who suggest having substitutes that you can eat that are tasty!!

Lynda L O’Brien-Dennehy I bring lunch and avoid everything – I worked where every Tues & Thurs breakfast brought in – donuts bagels, etc I just did not partake! Bring a salad or a protein shake for lunch. When they have post lucks or pizza for lunch I would each salad – I do not eat Gluten or dairy – really it is just control.

Brian Donovan Such a hard thing but I’ve learned to say no most of the time. I bring my lunch and eat with colleagues but know that I’ll feel like crap in the moment and will be battling the blood sugar roller coaster all day. That powers better choices. I feel your pain!

Diane Pezza Imagine that someone with a virulent CDiff infection used the restroom, did not wash their hands and touched everything. Practice walking in and out of the break room without touching a thing. Practice Practice. Reward yourself. Unhealthy foods in a high stress environment is sooo challenging! I also cover it with foil so I don t have to look at it

Jacqueline Beth Marrolli Portion sizes. No one will laugh at you if you are picky. If they r curious, they will ask. Then you can educate them. It may help someone else out one day.

Martin Stolz LoseIt app. The act of recording what I eat helps me stay on track. It also helps calculate carbs and bolusing, which is the real reason I use it.

Rosemary Mertens I would look at the junk food and what many of the people look like who are eating it and think to myself how bad that food is for all of us. Bagels, donuts, other sweets I would turn my nose up. Nope, say to myself, “I don’t eat that crap”! Bring hard cheese, nuts and locarb Greek yogurt with you. Better to overindulge on those things, I think. There is no benefit from food that will make you hungry cause it doesn’t stick with you. Once in a while you have to let loose. Probably not every day

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